Dan Aykroyd Binny’s Beverage Depot Commercial

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3 Reasons Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol

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Heya playas, while everyone is gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day to either drink, party or pretend to be Irish, I’m probably gonna find myself on the other end of the question, “What do you mean you don’t you drink?”. This is something I commonly hear and to every person that asks, I give them […]

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Can Absinthe Make You Hallucinate?

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[classical music] Hey there, kids! I’m Jonathan Strickland, and this is the BrainStuff about that most powerful of liquors: Absinthe. So in 1905 a Swiss vineyard worker named Jean Lanfray shot his pregnant wife and his two daughters. Then he tried to kill himself, unsuccessfully. The public were absolutely outraged and blamed the whole thing […]

It Didn’t Take Long for Americans to Forget about Prohibition

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The Truth About Alcohol: Etymology & Symbolism. PLEASE SHARE! Sequel Cmg Soon!

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where’d alcohol is said to be derived from the Arabic alcohol which refers to a body eating spirit and Is the source of the Modern word [ghoul]? perhaps this is why alcoholic drinks are called Spirits and informally booze and We all know the malefic effects of drinking of consuming alcohol. Which is known as […]

Shake-up continues at the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

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We’ve been looking at TABC for months now and we started with a series of stories about all these junkets that the top brass were taking and from there it morphed into a story about mismanagement at the agency, creating flyers internally that depicted their own boozing at state liquor conferences paid for by the […]

Millennials Are Sick of Drinking

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Homeownership. Golf. Mayonnaise. And napkins. Millennials have been accused of killing a lot of things. Most recently it seems that alcohol industry is in their crosshairs. But is this generation actually drinking less? I had seen a lot of articles claiming that Millennials were getting sober in notable numbers. When I started to dig into […]

Why is there an Alcohol Shortage in Michigan?

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So the holidays are approaching. You go to get grandpa a nice bottle of scotch. You get to the liquor store and..wait what’s this about a liquor shortage in Michigan? A bottle of liquor starts at a manufacturer. But they can’t sell the bottle right to the store. It actually goes to the state. That’s […]

Discover how a still creates alcohol

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The first step is getting the raw materials, your ingredients. most ingredients we work with are either going to be grain based or fruits. So what we have to do is do what’s called a mash. Let’s say we’re working with wheat. So we’re going to cook all of that wheat into essentially a giant […]