Buying Liquor with McLovin’ Fake ID

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You guys know boys every Monday we’re dropping two new videos one on YouTube one on full That’s gonna be we’re gonna see all our R rated videos boys. There’s just some shit you can’t argue We cannot post on YouTube like anymore at all hitting bong in lectures We finally did it with […]

Risata Moscato D’Asti – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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Hello everybody! Welcome back to FairgroundsTV. I’m your host Peter Moeller and today we have Risata Moscato d’Asti. Now, it’s just a sparkling sweet white wine. It is Italian. Usually, regular moscatos that are not sparkling, they’re quite clear just like this one. It’s just slightly yellow. But you see nice, fine bubbles like champagne. […]

Art’s Cafe, Perle Wine Bar, Marin Joe’s: Check, Please! Bay Area Kids reviews

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♫♫ Cole: And they made it right in front of you. I’m like, “Whoa!” ♫♫ Kian: It’s just too good. Maddie: You’re making me really hungry. Sbrocco: I know, right? That’s fantastic! Hi! I’m Leslie Sbrocco. Welcome to “Check, Please! Bay Area,” the show where regular Bay Area residents review and talk about their favorite […]

People Try Alcohol For The First Time

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I am here to taste out alcohol for the first time.That probably taste horrible like absolutely horrible The smell reminds me of drunk people oh Nope, so we are taste at least bit fruity but bit bitter. It’s like Saitama that burns These are probably also see exactly 50 feet I Don’t like this at […]


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Hi guys Kelsey in Kendra and today Kelsey and I decided to do something a little bit different for today’s video We decided to do a wine tasting version of a chit chat You’re ready with us cuz we know when it comes to makeup you guys prefer chit check and ride with us videos […]

Instant Pot Wine: How to make wine in an instant pot?

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(cheerful music) – [Penn] From the stainless steel tanks of the Chateau de la Flublublueaux. Aged 48 hours on the yogurt function of the Instant Pot that we got at Target. Sophistication. Elegance. Sensuality. Exclusivity. And a taste like chili and defeat. (coughing) “A 10 out of 10,” said no one ever. “Absolutely delicious,” said […]

One of America’s Best Sommeliers Blind Taste Tests Sparkling Wine Under $15

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– I’m Patrick Cappiello, Wine Director of Rebelle restaurant in New York City, Eater National and Food & Wine Magazine’s Sommelier of the year. And today, I’m going to blind-taste cheap, sparkling wines. (upbeat music) When I’m tasting sparkling wines, I’m looking for the same things I’m looking for with still wines but obviously with […]

One of America’s Top Sommeliers Taste Tests Celebrity Wines

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– I’m Patrick Cappiello, Eater National’s Sommelier of the Year and winner of Wine Spectator’s Grand Award and today, I’m gonna grade celebrity wines. (upbeat rock music) So, this is Mike Ditka. The name of this wine is The Champion. Still has a very high view of himself. From the Napa Valley, eh, so he’s […]

Wine Lovers Get Pranked With Fake Wine

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– I’ve been training my whole life. – I just came for the free wine. (jaunty accordion music) – Love wine. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but I drink a lot. – I used to be a big Franzia guy in college. It’s just the best bang for your buck, and it really appeals […]

Wine Mom Vs. Wine Expert 2 • Wine Mom

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(pleasant instrumental music) – Hi, I’m Hannah, your friendly neighborhood wine mom and if you’re anything like me you believe a glass of wine at eight PM makes you a better mom. So don’t pour yourself a glass because today we have a really special guest again, you might recognize him from the last wine […]