Siblings Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Do I, or have I, ever disappointed you? (laughter) (“Eine kleine Nachtmusik” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) – My name is Deranged Pitt, and he just happens to be my brother. – I’m Chris, and we’re related. (laughter) – People always think you’re older than me. – Do they? – Yeah. – Woo. – I […]

Sommelier tries Spanish Snacks and Wine

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*Not swearing* Hello, and welcome to “Underneath the Bottle” My name is michael and today we’re in Barcelona, Spain! We just arrived Spain… and I do not speak any Spanish! So i thought I would go down, to the closest nearby supermarket And buy some snacks and see what i got and do a wine […]

Blind(folded) Date (Bernard & Maggie) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Boom. What is your favorite sex position? – Probably on top, for sure. – Wahoo! – I’m Maggie. – Hi Maggie. I’m Bernard. Never. – No, never. I’m usually, like, feel like I do a thorough screening process before I go out with people. – Really? – Yeah, for sure. – You like to […]

How to Choose Wine to Impress Your Hot Date

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– I’m Jeremy Repanich, and I gotta hot date. – I’m Patrick Cappiello, and I know he’s lying. (jazzy music) – So we’re here at Vintry Wines in New York City. I talked to a lot of other guys. They want to buy a bottle of wine for them and their significant other. They wanna […]

Justin Moore – You Look Like I Need A Drink

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(h (hor (horse (horse C (horse Clo (horse Clops (horse Clops) ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ I could tell by the way you sounded when you called ♪ ♪ That I wasn’t going to like what you’d have to say ♪ ♪ I could read between the lines ♪ ♪ that there was something different this […]

Best Friends Play the Game Truth or Drink (Patrice, Mele, Escence, Casey) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Have you ever pooped yourself as an adult? – Don’t throw up, okay ready? Let’s just do it fast, throw it back! Like just open your throat. – I’m Patrice. – I’m Mele. – Escence. – Casey. – We’re best friends. – I want Mele to ask Patrice “A” and Patrice ask Mele “B”. […]

Importance of Drinking Water During Pregnancy | Water During Pregnancy | YourYouTubeMom

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Gay Men Ask Uncomfortable Questions in a Game of Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Everybody I’ve slept with has said, “Hey Mommy, can I have seconds?” (gasps) (laughing) Don’t put that in there. (upbeat music) – Cheers, queers. – Or gays. – What’s that called? – A shot. (laughing) – [Interviewer] Hi. – Hello. – Hello. – [Narrator] Who are you guys? – I’m Raymond. – I’m Jifu. […]

Exes Play Truth or Drink (Michael & Mara) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What do you miss most about us? (laughs) – Hng… You have a really nice ass, I’m not gonna lie. – I’m Mara. – My name is Michael. – We dated for four and a half years. – Two years ago? – Last summer! It hasn’t been two years. – Okay, a year, nevermind. […]

Irish People Taste Test Polish Beers

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Don’t they say dziękuję,jak się masz I like. Oh my God very good I am like drink! Oh, my Lordie ‘Tis a smooth beer. You’ve got other people in this video, right? That you could use It’s like bud light. Oh, yeah. That’s exactly what is tastes like, is a bud light in a different […]