Turn Soda into Slushies

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Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop Not too long ago, We showed you how to take a simple recipe and mix it with liquid nitrogen To make your own ice cream It got me thinking that maybe there are some other things You […]

Yadkin Valley Winter Wine Passport and Beer Passport Part Two | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

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– [Tom] The demise of the tobacco industry, really a lot of the farmers around here were left saying, “Well what am I gonna plant now?” And having learned that the area has a lot of soil and temperature conditions similar to Burgundy, France, soon discovered that this was not only a good place to […]

SO MUCH FRENCH WINE ?? The Loire Valley and its sparkling wine (Val de Loire, France)

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– [Woman] You know you’re driving? – When in France. – Here’s how I monitor his wine drinking – by drinking half of his glass! – How big is this? Wow. -Mega sized duck leg It falls off the bone Bone – falls – It’s so fatty. Yes my friends. Because we’re in France, this […]

This Technology Turns Alcohol To Vapor

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Today’s going to be an interesting one! I have (…) no idea what to expect. I often get emails… about new and emerging products many things I need to try out before you do so I can let you know if its legit. In this box right here is a machine called the “Vap Shot […]

The Weirdest Alcohol In The World | Caribbean Life

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Hey guys, how’s the game going? So today, we’re going to be doing something that I’ve never done before. And I’m going to be drinking alcohol that’s made from cactus. I think it’s a liqueur more than like a spirit but it’s only made on the island here on Bonaire, it’s the only liqueur in […]

target achieved Varun Beverages short term positional call given on 31/12/2017

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please correct it’s AKSH OPTIFIBRE please correct it’s AKSH OPTIFIBRE please correct it’s AKSH OPTIFIBRE

Americans Try Russian Drinks

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– What the fuuuu– – I’m Russian, this guy right here is American. – I’m Russian. – I’m clearly the American. – It’s very cold here. – Of course she has a Russian jacket. – What kind of drinks are you expecting? – I think of Wodka, with a W. – That’s it, vodka? – […]


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okay so let’s take this berry Fanta uh-huh let’s pour it in here let’s see what happened and see oh boy this would be crazy what’s going to happen it’s smoking whoa whoa it’s like boiling in there it’s like is it working I have no idea what’s happening mister stir it real good oh […]

The science behind “breaking the seal” — why alcohol makes you pee more often

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– Jess it’s Friday 2:30 you know what that means. (belches) (sighs) I gotta go pee. – No way, you’ll break a seal. – Break the seal? Sorry that’s not a real thing. – Yes it is. – Is it? – Sort of, maybe? – [Both] Let’s science the (tone beeps) out of it. – […]

KIDS TRY 90s DRINKS! | Kids Vs. Food

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– Bubbly. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So, we’re going back to the ’90s today to have you try some drinks. – Ooh. Let’s see what drinks they have. – (FBE) So, a lot of popular ’90s drinks we couldn’t get today because they are discontinued and expired, but we got some good […]