Irish People Try Australian Beers

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John: Mmm, tasting beer. Nicole: *Austrailian beers, ‘Strailian Beers* John: ‘struth Elga: Smells like beer! Looks like beer! David: I think it is beer John: Smells, pungent. Nicole: Yep, Fairly pungent. Paddy: #We like to drink with Paddys cause Paddys is our mate. And when we drink with Paddys we get it down in 8.# […]

Wine of the Week: Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay (Episode 33)

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Welcome to another episode of Wines & Titas! This week, we have Hello. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Mikey, and I am a Creative Director from a media agency called And on the side, I’m a co-founder of an exclusive, limited edition leather brand called and it’s bondage inspired. Wow. Like this. And […]

Irish People Taste Test German Beers

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I was all for German beers until I got dressed like they let me now. I resent the Germans It looks like wee wee. Hey smells, okay smells like beer Yeah, that just tastes like you know [when] you can or it’s a pretty standard beer like not bad beer That’s that’s not bad glass […]

Bizarre Beer Taste Test

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– Why would you do this to us? – Why? The Belching Beaver Brewery’s Peanut Butter flavored Milk Stout. – Cause it’s all about the beaver. – Peanut Butter, that should be interesting. – Wow, really? – Molt, oats, lactose, hops, yeast, and natural flavors. – It kind of smells like a Reese’s Pieces. – […]

Argyrides Winery Wine Tasting

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Hey Tasters! I’m here at the Argyrides Vasa Winery! Today is an Open Day and my good friend, Rebecca Argyrides is going to share with me three very special wines. What do we have here? So we have our Viognier 2017 our limited edition Chardonnay 2016 and our Merlot-Cabernet 2016, for you today. Three of […]

We Attended The Biggest Beer Festival In The World (Oktoberfest)

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(upbeat music) – Hello. Good morning – Hello – From Munich. – In Germany. – In Germany. We just flew here from L.A. and we’re going to be attending Oktoberfest, which is the biggest beer festival in the whole world. We’re gonna go try the food and drinks there and probably mostly beer and we’ll […]

A Quick Chat with Mike Farmilo & Nathan Hughes of Willunga 100

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…was probably turning up to Brokenwood in 2009 To not know anything about the wine industry at all being a sommelier, and being told it was probably time to work out how to make it rather than just pour it. So turning up, sight unseen, not knowing anything about, really, production at all and being […]

4 Valentine’s Day Beers From Lakeshore Beverage

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So you got any big plans for Valentine’s Day this year? No, nothing planned. No? You know you should do a Valentine’s Day Beer video. You think? Yeah! I don’t know man, I’m just not feeling the love this year Sad music playing You know what? I will make a Valentine’s day beer video! Let’s […]

Turn Soda into Slushies

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Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop Not too long ago, We showed you how to take a simple recipe and mix it with liquid nitrogen To make your own ice cream It got me thinking that maybe there are some other things You […]

Yadkin Valley Winter Wine Passport and Beer Passport Part Two | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

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– [Tom] The demise of the tobacco industry, really a lot of the farmers around here were left saying, “Well what am I gonna plant now?” And having learned that the area has a lot of soil and temperature conditions similar to Burgundy, France, soon discovered that this was not only a good place to […]