EGG COFFEE, EGG BEER, and Other Unique Drinks in Hanoi (NinjaTeacher & CharlyCheer)

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Today we’re at Cafe Giang in Hanoi, the birthplace of egg coffee in Vietnam. They have a number of other egg-related drinks, and we’re gonna try them all. What’s up guys? It’s Cory here, I am with… Alex, hi! Sorry, that was awkward. This is Alex, and he’s known as Ninja Teacher, a vlogger, he […]

??? : 아 번지점프 정말 미칠듯이 하고 싶다!!! / [대충 인터뷰] ‘비워 (beer)’ 차트 확인하는 창모의 집 습격!!!!!!!!!

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Oh no, we got up to first… …11th place! [Quick Interview] CHANGMO [Captions and Translation by: evn] Oh, no! -Check what ranking we are on right now! …Why is it maintaining? By now it’s normal for it to go down. Ah… Before when we were at 12th place I still had a peace of mind… […]

Top 6 Beers for Christmas | The Craft Beer Channel

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Merry Christmas Food Tubers! We’re the Craft Beer boys and what we do is match beer with food. So we’ve got some beers we think will go very nicely with what you’re choosing for the big day. Cheese, so lots of people match wine with cheese, but beer actually has more flavour profiles than wine. […]

KIDS DRINK THE STARBUCKS SECRET MENU! (Butterbeer, Skittles, Pink Drink) | Kids Vs. Food

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♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’ll be drinking this. – Oh, Starbucks. I love Starbucks. – I don’t like coffee because it tastes really bad. – (gasping) Coffee! I love coffee! Coffee is delicious. Coffee!!! – It’s coffee! We’re trying coffee! Maybe I had coffee before. I drank some of my dad’s. […]

Spiciest THAI FOOD – Extreme Hot Curry + BEER SNOW in Bangkok, Thailand!

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– Hey, everyone. I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Bangkok, Thailand. And today for lunch we’re going to a restaurant. It’s called Panya Seafood and Beer Hima. And it is one of, for sure, the best restaurants in Bangkok for southern Thai food and for seafood. They also have […]

Mumbai City Food Tour – Kutchi BEER + Maharashtrian Snacks + Irani Cafe

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Anubhav: Give me a piece Anubhav: How many varieties of kichdis do you make? Chef: Thirteen varieties. Anubhav: Kathiyawadi means its would be spicy Anubhav: wow! This is amazing. Anubhav: So our Kathiyawadi style spicy Khichdi is ready. Anubhv: What is the base of the Khichdis? Its rice and moong dal (lentil). Anubhav: The kichdi […]

Vision: Hold My Beer – Avengers: Age of Ultron

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– But it’s a trick. – No, no, it’s much more than that. “Ah, whosoever be he worthy shall haveth the power.” Whatever, man! It’s a trick. Please, be my guest. – Come on. – Really? Yeah. Oh, this is gonna be beautiful. Clint, you’ve had a tough week. We won’t hold it against you […]

Secretly Refilling People’s Drink Prank / 음료수 리필해주기 몰래카메라

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Hi, I’m in a university library now. Today, we are going to refill people’s drink for students who must be tired cuz of the mid term. Let’s go. “Excuse me” “I’ve just found this here” This is not mine. “Ah…” “Excuse me” “-Yeah?” This is a hard one. There are only few people drinking can […]

Marlborough Wine Tour by Bike – New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year – Backpacker Guide New Zealand

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Today we’re going on a Winery Crawl by Bike in Marlborough. Today we start with the obvious it’s our first full day in Blenheim and Marlborough is the largest wine region in New Zealand and Blenheim is it’s capital. So what are we doing today? Well, we are doing a wine tour. We’re not doing […]

(酸萝卜老鸭汤) Eat some meat and have drink in cold days, my favorite –pickle radish duck soap|Liziqi

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Red Radish White Radish Cherry Radish Mustard Plant (To make Chinese Pickles) Grandma, see? The turnip is even bigger than my head! Grandma: Haha, big turnip! Marinate Seal with water Grandma, don’t do it. Leave it to me. Duck Grandma, please help and get me a soup ladle [Grandma answering] Ok Be careful walking in […]