DHARIA – Sugar & Brownies (by Monoir) [Official Video]

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Some keep a diary… Seems like a fantasy But it may require Some love and desire its something to cover me Theres never a guarantee That loving is so easy Some may define it as sugar and brownies but sour just as lime is Uhhh na na na Uhh na na na uhh na na […]

City Slums – Raja Kumari ft. DIVINE | Official Video

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Run and tell your mummy The streets go ra pa pum pum Ra pa pum pum , Ra pa pum pum It’s coming from the Gully It’s coming from the city slum slums City slum slums City slum slums Sadak zabaani, chai mein paani, haath mein kaarigaari Naka ab khaali, bhaari thaali, sar pe zimmedaari […]

making of strong Grape wine 2017 SPL home made

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hi friends, now we are going to make a strong grape wine (JAMBU FRUIT AND GUAVA WINE MAKING VIDEOS ARE ADDED IN MY CHANNEL ) wash n clean the grape (4kg ) coock the grape in same amount of water take 3.5 kg sugar make sugar syrup you want more sweet you can add more […]

People Try Popular Beer From Around The World

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– By the time we reach these, we’re just like, “This is the best!” (midtempo rock music) – This one smells like a fraternity floor. – It smells a little fruity. – Ooh I like that one. – Very watery. – This is fine. It’s kinda like, fruity. – Has a little bit of a […]