The Next Phase of Craft Beer in Japan: Al-Kee-Hol

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Una Mey – Butterflies & Red Wine (Audio)

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The fever sets in Time runs away like water Control gone to waste Coffee too hot to sip I want someone to tell me they feel it Too I find my heart racing without reason Some days I cannot pin myself down, Down I fly high Like butterflies And Red Wine I Get lost In […]

How to: Make Beer Can Chicken

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Isan Sausage, White Wine, and Mango Sticky Rice: Chef’s Night out with Bardot Brasserie

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Suntory Time! – Lost in Translation (1/10) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

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Suntory whiskey. [ Continues In Japanese ] Casablanca. Bogie.[ Continues In Japanese ] Suntory time.Um, he want you to turn, look in camera. Okay? That’s all he said? Yes. Turn to camera. All right, does he want me to– to… turn from the right, or… turn from the left? Passionate. Camera. Passion. Right side, and, […]

Zimbabwe’s Codeine Cough Syrup Epidemic

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The Hard Lives of Britain’s Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

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Spice just hits you like a truck, it just knocks you out. Whereas bud you just sit and chill. You know what? I wish I could go back to my bud. Because you know what, Spice, it’s horrible. I woke up after the Spice, with vomit all over my bed, and myself. I know a […]

Charcuterie, Wine, & Meat Pie: Chef’s Night Out With Tien Ho in NYC

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Soylent: How I Stopped Eating for 30 Days

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I think humanity is gonna continue to grow, everybody eats and everyone needs energy and these constraints are only going to get tighter. And we’re going to have to… take our understanding of the body and nutrition and design something new, make something man-made… for man, for humanity. This is Soylent, some people are calling […]

Inside The Laughing Gas Black Market

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So how did you figure out how to take nitrous out of hospitals? Why did you choose to sell nitrous instead of any other drug? With the highest level of consumption on the continent, no one takes drugs quite like the British. This is high society. A series where we meet dealers, users, and manufacturers. […]