Identification of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Alcohols

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As we know that alcohols are the hydroxyl derivative of alkanes So, here you can see that one hydrogen atom get replaced with this OH group Therefore this compound is known as the alcohol Here you can see that this carbon is sp3 hybridised carbon atom When the OH group is attached to sp3 hybridised […]

Food is an Emotional Business! Future of Beverages and Food Industry – Conference Keynote

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And one of the things about your business: I’ve heard so much about technology today. Amazing technology, extraordinary innovation. You are food and packaging and liquid engineering and all the rest of it and nanotech and goodness-knows-what- else- tech as well. But I know one thing: that you are in a different business than technology. […]

Beverages – Intro to Psychology

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Now let’s look at the given caffeine part of the sentence. Select the best way to administer the caffeine to participants. Should we give group one coffee, and then group two no coffee? Should we give group one coffee, and group two water? Or, should we give group one coffee, and group two placibo coffee? […]