When Girls Drunk Dial | Girliyapa’s ChickiLeaks

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Yes, Payal. Hi Sir.. So enjoying a lot in Goa? Excuse me? No point hiding Sir, I know everything. I know why Neha got a better increment than me. I think we should talk tomorrow Payal, you sound drunk. I…I’m not drunk! You are drunk! Don’t force me to fire you, Payal. Oh please! Who […]

Two Guys Drug College Girl’s Drink | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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day turns into night jekbskfjbdjbsbdfjkcbk vk szjkfgkbvreshzkv bfhrkbz kvhkjhbfdhjkhreksxb kvbrhbxhgrukbxs gukjfdhgkbr4kdghjrksees the pill drop in He tries to play it cool They just move those two guys just [reduce] surgery are you leaving right now? I’m going out for a smoke [because] making it look like I’m doing [something] not as we’re adding than that […]

‘Wine Down’ Season Finale Chat w/ Yvonne Orji | Insecure | Season 3

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Hey, everyone, we’re here for our last Wine Down… -Whoo! -PRENTICE PENNY: of the season. Eight of these things, can you believe it? Oh, my God. I’m joined once again by Issa’s ride-or-die, Molly, the actress Yvonne Orji. -ISSA RAE: Whoo! -Hello, guys. This was an eventful season, and we are so excited to get […]

5 Kinds of Drunk People

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welcome to the internet support group with dan hello internet, today, I’d like to talk about alcohol don’t worry nothing educational or informative so the other day I went to a party I know you’re as surprised as I am and um I had to be somewhere the next morning so I wasn’t drinking and […]

Vending Machine Crack Down get 3 in 1 go Free Drinks!!!

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This is how you get multiple free pops by buying one.

Chatting Alcohol with Lucy Moon | Hannah Witton

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– Hey guys, I’ve got Lucy with me again. Aren’t you lucky? Just, like, so much Lucy on my channel right now. It’s great. So the last video that we did together was an episode of Drunk Advice, but it was in the spirit of drunk. – Because I am two months sober. – Exactly. […]

Do Chinese girls like me drink Alcohol? Hu Knows!

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Welcome to Hu Knows Today I’m going to talk about alcohol Before I met my husband I didn’t drink that often only wine sometimes What kind what kind of alcohol I like to drink must be sweet or fruit taste I don’t know don’t have a favorite alcohol, but I Do think I prefer the […]


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(rock music) – [Cameron] Pull it, go! (screams) That scared me. – [Dustin] That scared me too. – Hey guys, it’s Cameron, and today I’m here with. – Dustin. – And today we are going to be doing The Mentos Challenge. Woo! And what is the challenge? – To start an explosion. – Yeah, so […]

Making FOOD out of CANDY! Candy vs Food Challenge ft. Wengie

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Chloe: Hey guys! C: It’s Chloe! Wengie: And me geinia C: I thought of this video concept of us turning candy into food. W: What? I don’t even know like… what this is. *Chloe laughs* C: We’re going to find out! So we are here, we have the ingredients. [Oooh!] C: We’re going to try […]

Auburn Coach Wife Kristi Malzahn Agrees with Match & eHarmony: Men are Jerks

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>>presenter: This talk is part of the [email protected] of the [email protected] series. We’ll have a lot of time at the end for questions and there’s a mic here. So, I’m very pleased to welcome today, Sam Botta, who is a contributing correspondent for Science Magazine. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the […]

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