Reindeer Root Beer and Droppings | Friend Christmas Gifts

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Melissa McCarthy Plays Beer Pong with Deserving Mother/Daughter Duo

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Make an 18 Pack Beer Box Cowboy Hat

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Well howdy there friends and frienemies this is Walker with DIWhy.Life and in this here episode we’re making beer box cowboy hats! Whoo! Alright here I’ve got the YouTube video up on my iPad here, it’s by Danon Prosser I watched this video and it’s pretty good it shows for the most part what you […]

Kelly Diedring Harris presents the Advent Wine Opener on HSN; Dec. 2014

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How To Make Elegant Gift Baskets : How To Wrap Wine For a Gift Basket

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Hi, I’m Rachel Fish from Incredible Eatables for Expert Village. So now we are going to take our bottle of wine and wrap it so it just does not look like a plain bottle of wine here inside. We are going to make it a little bit more fancy. Okay! We have a few options […]

How to Make Wine Charms

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Go to for all of your beading supply needs! Hi this is Julie with and today I want to show you a fun holiday project and that is making wine charms. These are great to put around the stim of your wine goblet during a party so people can identify the wine glass. […]

How to Make Coke Can Rose – Valentines Day Gift

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In this video I’m going to show you how to make a red rose, out of an empty Coke can. Start by using a knife and a pair of scissors to cut the top and bottom off your Coke can and turn it into a flat sheet of tin. Be very careful not to cut […]

How to Sew a Wine Carrier – Pattern and Assembly

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If you don’t want to go to your next party empty handed, bring a bottle of wine and make it extra nice by carrying it in a handmade wine carrier. This project is a great way to utilize fabric scraps plus people are sure to love your unique carrier. Let’s get started. For supplies, I’ll […]