The most important part of curling is the beer | 22 Minutes

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Okay, so what are the rules? We’re just playing for fun. All I know is you’ve gotta get your rock closest to that target. Oh! And another thing. The winner has to buy the loser a beer. Oh, does he… Hurry! Hurry hurry! Hurry hard! Hurry! I wouldn’t worry about that’s fine! That’s fine. Well […]

DIY Root Beer Kit

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Enjoy delicious, homemade root beer with the Mr. Root Beer Kit. Brewing root beer is a fun activity for kids, and best of all they get to enjoy the fruit of their labor. And share it too. Sharing is important, deliciously important. The kit includes all the essentials, and you’ll be making your own root […]

Baby Monkey Pink Drink Milk With Monkey Too And Run Together

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Seth and the Jonas Brothers Go Day Drinking

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-Hey, everybody, we’re at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club here in Brooklyn, New York, and we’re about to day drink with the Jonas Brothers! -Hey! -And since I’m at a disadvantage, I brought in my brother Josh and my brother in case of emergency Jack McBrayer. Say hi, Jack. -Hey, y’all. -All right. Cheers, everybody. […]

Why We Pre-Drink

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Alright cab’s going to be here soon. Come on, let’s smash this rum. Quick game of fives. Wait, why do we have to finish the rum before we get into the cab? Well we’ve got to finish the bottle before we go in, don’t we? Why can’t we just leave it and drink in London […]

Warm Beer, Dirndls, and David Hasselhoff? – My reaction to (funny) clichés about Germans

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What you’re from Germany that’s so cool, but why do you guys like warm beer? Hello servus, and welcome back to my youtube channel. My name is Felicia, I am German and I’m currently in my hometown Munich in Germany, and I have spend about a year in total in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’ll go […]

Secretly Refilling People’s Drink Prank / 음료수 리필해주기 몰래카메라

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Hi, I’m in a university library now. Today, we are going to refill people’s drink for students who must be tired cuz of the mid term. Let’s go. “Excuse me” “I’ve just found this here” This is not mine. “Ah…” “Excuse me” “-Yeah?” This is a hard one. There are only few people drinking can […]

Margot Robbie Taught Mike Myers How to Day Drink and Shotgun Beers

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The Next Phase of Craft Beer in Japan: Al-Kee-Hol

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Nutcrackers: Big Time City Drink, Big Time City Flavor | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

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Hey, how’d the interview go? Crushed it. Yay! Yeah! We should celebrate. OK. Hey, you ever have a Nutcracker? What’s a Nutcracker? NARRATOR: A Nutcracker is a big-time city drink with big-time city flavor, handcrafted by total strangers. Each Nutcracker is made from– honestly, I have no idea. But you can buy them right on […]