Red Wine Pickled Beets Recipe

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(“Dio e Zingaro” by Municipale Balcanica) – Hi, I’m Jerry James Stone, and you’re watching Cooking Stoned. On today’s episode we’re gonna make red wine pickled beets. These are gonna be amazing, but before I get into those I want to mention a few things. First off, you might notice that I’m now miked. I […]

How to Make Homemade Rhubarb Wine

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So this is Chris Johnson’s guide to making homemade rhubarb wine. I’ve made this for a couple years and I want to show a few people who are interested in making rhubarb wine how I do it. So behind me is the rhubarb plant that I am harvesting. There’s a rhubarb. This is the third […]

Purely Piedmont | Buy Locally-Grown Food & Beverages

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(energetic music) – [Narrator] Buying Virginia Piedmont-grown food and beverages helps our family farms keep farming, supports the local economy, and maintains our region’s rural character. It tastes pretty darn good too. Every day you make food choices. Purely Piedmont, real food, real good.

Future of Food and Beverages Think Tank

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We’re on the verge of the fourth Industrial Revolution, and the food and beverage industry is being transformed like never before. Food, science, and technology are globally colliding, disrupting the way we produce, access, and consume our food. Entry barriers for new players are at an ultimate low. Local farmers now supply home delivery services. […]

Fried Pizza: Italy’s Tastiest Street Food? || Really Dough?

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– You know I feed this to people on tour sometimes. And if I say we’re gonna eat a fried pizza, they think it’s gonna be like, Kentucky Fried Pizza. You know what I mean? – Yeah. – Oily and greasy. My name is Scott. I live and breathe pizza. Old school pizza maker Mark […]

How To Make Quick Clams & Mussels With White Wine & Garlic By Chef Michael Schlow

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Jaljeera Drink (Indian Flavored Lemonade) Recipe by Manjula

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Today I will be making jaljeera. Jaljeera is a very refreshing drink. Best way to describe jaljeera, Indian flavored lemonade. This is a very popular summer drink in India. This recipe will serve 4. For this recipe we need: 1/4 cup of packed, chopped mint leaves (pudina) 1/4 cup of packed, chopped cilantro (hara dhania) […]

DRINKING (TURMERIC)FOR body weight loss Vlog:Ep#1

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Exploring Wine & Street Food With MasterChef Sarah Todd | Indian Street Food | Served #13

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India has a huge variety of street food… …be it kebabs or tikkas Try anything in Old Delhi… …you’ll find a new variety of the same dish in a few steps! But, what happens when your Indian street food… …comes all the way from Australia? That is what I am here to figure out in […]

Easy 10-Minute Alfredo Pasta With Rosé Wine | #SoBasic

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On this episode of so basic, I’ll be showing you an easy Alfredo sauce with a trendy twist, thanks to this super cool beverage. Hey, hey rosé. And the best part is in the time that it takes to cook this pasta, we’ll have made an easy, super-silky sauce that you’ll definitely want to share. […]