Maple Bourbon Sour or ‘Canadian BS’ Boozy Beverage

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oh my god this ice on my crotch feels so good, it’s so terrible girl I’m sorry I’m Canadian that’s it all right happy brown liquor Thursday everybody this is one of my favorite things ever I am very proud to be Canadian and this is a Canadian hash tag BLT brown liquor Thursday. I’m […]

Lunchbox Rap Battle: Thanksgiving | CBC Kids

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Come on, man. It’s Thanksgiving! Oh, it’s Thanksgiving! Yeah, it’s time to eat! Woo! ♪ So let me tell you all about your history ♪ ♪ It started with the biscuits, and the mushy peas ♪ ♪ That was way back in 1578 ♪ ♪ But now we got different things on our plate ♪ […]


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Hello and welcome. Today I’m working on a canvas that is primed white. And since it shouldn’t be absorbent, I’m priming it again with Acrylic Binder. It’s always good to moisten it a little before priming. And a flat brush, like this one, works really well. Remember that the seal must dry completely before painting. […]

Popcaan – Fall In Love (Work Permit Riddim) “2014 Dancehall” (Official Audio)

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Popcaan – Fall In Love (Raw) – Work Permit Riddim

Two Roads Roadsmary’s Baby – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits

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What’s up everybody! Welcome back to FairgroundsTV I’m your host Peter Moeller. Today we have something from our lovely brewery in Stratford, Connecticut. It is called Two Roads Roadsmary’s Baby. Get it? Rosemary’s Baby? Roadsmary’s Baby? This is a pumpkin ale aged in bourbon barrels. Ale, pumpkin, spices aged in… rum barrels! Wow! How did […]

Harpoon Pumpkin Cider – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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How ya doing everybody? Welcome back to FairgroundsTV. I’m your host Peter Moeller and today we have something new. Obviously, the Summer is ending. We’ve got Fall approaching rapidly and we have all the Oktoberfests and Pumpkin beers in. This is Harpoon Brewing out of Boston, Mass or Vermont. Windsor, Vermont, depending where you are. […]

Wine Box Turned Succulent Planter

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hey guys I’m working on a couple of succulent planters today these are a little bit different than all the other ones that I’ve done before these ones can either be left flat or you could hang them up and they are made out of wood wine gift boxes so check this out I found […]