This is the BEST way to see Japan: The Nakasendo Way | LOCALS. | Travel + Leisure

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Japan is not big country but we have many things mountains forests waterfalls many foreigners didn’t expect Japan is so mountainous but actually 80% of Japan is mountain Mountains are very special for us nakasendo literally means central mountain road nakasendo way is a old highway that links Kyoto and the Tokyo walking turn at […]

Wine & Cheese Pairings : Pairing Parmesan Cheese with Red Wines

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Hi. I’d like to talk to you about paring Parmesan and Romano cheese with wine. Now, you probably think of Parmesan and Romano cheeses as going with red wine like your Veal Parmesan with your Chianti. And, actually it can be a very good match. But, we do have to watch out. Parmesan and Romano […]

How to Overcome Obesity in 12 Weeks : Overcoming Obesity: Avoid Carbonated Drinks

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Hi, I’m Angela Martindale and today we are talking to you about how to get out of obesity in twelve weeks. Hydration is important. And water is your best source. Water is the most natural way to hydrate your body. And yes sometimes we do need electrolytes. And there are brands out there with no […]

Is Chinese Wine Any Good? | Episode #22

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What is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. Today, I’m pleased to announce that I’m tasting some wines from China. A very first first China wine tasting for me. This is Episode #22 of the Tasting with Julien series. China of course is the big superpower that […]

We Tried The 30 Day Water Challenge

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– You should always drink that much water. – Yeah, but I don’t. – Right, but that’s why you have bad skin. (lively music) – My current relationship with water is that I love playing in it, I love the way it looks. Do I put it inside me, no. – I should be drinking […]

Wine & Cheese Pairings : Pairing Blue Cheese with Red Wines

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Hi, I’d like to talk to you a bit about pairing blue cheese and red wine. Now, this is a unique combination and you have to be a little bit careful. It’s like a wrestling match, it could go bad or it could go very, very well. Here’s what’s going on. Blue cheese has a […]

Wine specialist recommends 10 holiday wines

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good afternoon my name is Kirt Hintzelman I’m one of the Retail Wine Specialist here at the West Shore Plaza in the Lemoyne we can answer any of your questions to see and look for any of us in the green aprons all right let’s go let’s go through some wines for Christmas let’s go […]

Types of White Wines : Riesling White Wines

By Brian Lemay 20 comments

I’m going to tell you a little about Riesling. Now before you stop and say, “I don’t like Riesling because it’s always sweet,” you have to listen to me. Riesling is one of the world’s most noble, white wine grapes. As a matter of fact, most experts say that Riesling is the best white wine […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Sweetness in Food Rule

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Hi. I’m teaching you the real rules of food and wine pairing. Real rule number two is very important and it’s about sweetness, and here it is. Sweetness in food makes sweetness in wine go away. Sweet food will make wine tasteless sweet. In other words, more acidic and a little bit flatter. Now if […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Red Wine with Meat

By Brian Lemay 1 comment

Let’s talk about the wine pairing rule, that I’m sure you’ve heard, which is red wine with meat. It’s a really good rule, I’ve got to tell you. There’s a reason that red wine with meat is repeated all the time. The reason is, that it works. Here’s why it works. Red meat, red meat […]

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