Who Decides The Price of Wine?

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Shopping for wine can be an overwhelming experience. Liquor stores can have dozens of wine bottles sitting on their shelves, while other bottles are prominently featured in fancy displays. Wine is also available at a wide variety of price points. One popular cheap wine is the Charles Shaw line, which is also known as “Two […]

How Does Alcohol Get You Drunk?

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F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, ‘First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, and then the drink takes you.’ A lyrical way to put getting drunk. So how does alcohol actually take hold of us? No matter what your poison is, booze all contains the same molecule that messes with your mind: […]

How We Chase Dopamine: Porn, Social Media, and Alcohol | Steven Kotler

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Peter Drucker famously said if I want to know what you believe I could ask you what you believe and maybe I’ll believe your answer. But show me your calendar and your bank statement and then I’ll really know what’s going on. And what we tried to calculate was the altered state economy. How much […]

The Try Guys Try Professional Bartending

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– Today I’m takin’ the (bleep) out of cocktail. (men laughing) – [Keith] Disgusting. (upbeat music) (upbeat jazzy music) – Craft cocktails, expensive drinks. – We are here at Birds & Bees, a craft cocktail speakeasy in downtown L.A. where we’re gonna be learning mixology. And then we’re going to head to head in a […]

Special Tax On Soda & Pizza?

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there might be eight tax on so that and pizza attitude eighteen percent tax at that the journal of off archives of internal medicine are proposing this eighteen percent tax in order to fight opi city in the united states thursday is we uh… implied are impose a heavy hefty tax means foods people are […]

What Does Sugar Actually Do To Your Body?

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it’s interesting when we design our studies we provide diets that are high in starch and then we take away that starch and replaced it with sugar why do we even see such unfavorable effects when we replace pasta or bread with a fructose sweetened beverage or let’s even say high fructose corn syrup sweetened […]

This Man Drank Energy Drinks Everyday This Is What Happened To Him

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but first presents a man drink energy drinks every day this is what happened to him while Mandrake energy drinks every day this is what happened to him Dean Warren B was a professional bodybuilder in order to keep his amazing physique he had to consume 10,000 calories every day which was necessary to keep […]

I Drank Only Soda For A Month And This Is What Happened – Funny Challenge

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Hello Infographics fans and welcome to another special Challenge episode of The Infographics Show. Today we’re taking on the obesity issue. While global stereotypes like to paint Americans as a bunch of fatties, in actuality obesity figures from around the world show that weight gain is a problem in most modern nations. The reasoning is […]

Tylenol and Hangovers: A Dangerous Mix?

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Should tylenol be avoided as a morning- after cure for night-before drinking? Acetaminophen – the active drug in Tylenol – is bad news for the liver if you take too much of it. The same is true for alcohol. So together, do they join forces to really mess things up for you? In many cases […]

What if we replace Water by Soft drinks? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. What if we replace Water by Soft drinks? Naahhh. We should replace salads by Burgers & French Fries. Oh AumSum. If we replace our 8 daily glasses of water with 8 soft drinks. Then we would be in a big trouble. In a real-life incident, a woman drank soda instead of water […]