Gummy Food vs. Real Food SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE!! *GIANT GUMMY DRINK* Eating Best Gross Real Worm Candy

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You guys, this is gonna be so weird this is a gummy food versus real food smoothie Let’s blend it up all right three two one Aye dude I got a gummy burger. Dude I got a real burger. They are both Awesome No, that is not good Definitely at the end of this one […]

天然新鮮鳳梨釀好酒 Homemade Pineapple Wine

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Demerara Raw Cane Sugar Honey Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 7 Day 30 Demerara Raw Cane Sugar Pineapple Day 40 Day 90

Wegmans Red Wine Sauce

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One of my secrets is to always have some, sort of, prepared items; whether it’s in the refrigerator or in the freezer. And I’m gonna make a red wine sauce today. It’s something I always have on hand; super, super versatile, freezes well; and if you’ve got around even– sometimes I’ll freeze it in ice […]

Why Are People Drinking Buttered Coffee?

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Step aside, oil pulling – there’s a new trend in town, and it’s… buttered coffee? Sounds… rich. Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and every week, it seems there’s a hot new trend we should all be getting on board with. Earlier this month, I came across an interesting article on something called buttered […]

How to: Make Beer Can Chicken

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Isan Sausage, White Wine, and Mango Sticky Rice: Chef’s Night out with Bardot Brasserie

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Wine vs Food (ep 1): Fried Pigeon vs Red Wine in Hong Kong

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there is no better way to learn about the city today for the every day to the streets of local people for the bruce lee modern-day concerned here this fall for farmers bottles of wine and dine copy what’s going on for this wonderful city and from the special privileges off the phone from calif […]

My Favorite Restaurant in NYC: Buvette

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Hey everyone! So as you all know now, I’m about to move to London, which is super fun, but I couldn’t say goodbye to New York City without showing you inside my favorite restaurant here. Side note: it’s probably the hardest question to answer ever: what’s your favorite restaurant in New York, there are so […]

carrot juice

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Charcuterie, Wine, & Meat Pie: Chef’s Night Out With Tien Ho in NYC

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