Beer Bread Recipe From Slovakia | EU Politics Explained by Baking Slovakian Beer Bread

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What came first bread or beer? Doesn’t matter in Slovakia they have both in one loaf. Introducing ‘Pivní chléb’ the Slovakian beer bread that places this country in the heart of Europe. I’m George Matthes and I’m a European correspondent but I also love to bake so here’s some food for thought from Slovakia. Why […]

How Palestinians celebrate Oktoberfest | Palestinian beer, music & dancing | Oktoberfest Taybeh

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The Palestinian Oktoberfest kicks off. With a procession of scouts… …and Orthodox priests. Revellers from around the world have come to the Christian village of Taybeh in the West Bank. The hosts are the Khoury family, founders of the Taybeh Brewery, the oldest in the Middle East. At their Oktoberfest, they serve ten varieties of […]

Fête Des Vignerons – Switzerland’s Biggest Wine Festival | DW Euromaxx

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A toast to wine itself at the wine festival in Vevey on Lake Geneva. This lavish procession is one of the highlights of Switzerland’s biggest wine festival. It’s only held once every 20 to 25 years as a tribute to the work in the vineyards – right down to fighting the pests that attack the […]

Bobi Wine says Ugandan government is keeping him from performing | DW News

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On the political stage, he can be magnetic. Much like he is when performing his music for fans. But Bobi Wine says his entertainment career is being curtailed. “I just wonder why the police continue to persecute me. More than fifteen of my concerts have been cancelled. The promoters of my music have been told […]