Amaretto Sour | How to Drink

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– This is How To Drink, a show about making cocktails and how to drink them. I’m Greg and I have never been a professional bartender. I’ve never even had a job in a bar. I don’t worry too much about precision and technique, because at the end of the day, if the drink you […]

Seth and the Jonas Brothers Go Day Drinking

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-Hey, everybody, we’re at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club here in Brooklyn, New York, and we’re about to day drink with the Jonas Brothers! -Hey! -And since I’m at a disadvantage, I brought in my brother Josh and my brother in case of emergency Jack McBrayer. Say hi, Jack. -Hey, y’all. -All right. Cheers, everybody. […]

The Asian Drinking Game GUARANTEED To Get You Drunk

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大家好! Hey what’s up guys! 歡迎來到 CantoMando 的大家庭 Welcome to the CantoMando Squad. 今天我們邀來了我的女朋友 Tiff Today, we have my girlfriend Tiff here. 我們要幹什麼? And we’re– What are we gonna do? 我們要來玩 A for Average We’re gonna be playing A for Average, 它是一款非常爆笑的亞洲紙牌遊戲 this hilarious Asian card game, 讓我們來看看誰把家族的臉都丟清光 and see who can dishonour our family […]


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Hello Kimchi Gang Family! Today we have sad News for you It’s just Sang and me, now. Vava and Dongu aren’t with us anymore. They decided to terminate the contract Just kidding! Today, We are going to show you Sang and me will drink Sang drinking again… We’ll make some challenges today Drink Soju and […]

Blind Wine Taste Test

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How One Family Has Kept the Beer Flowing for Over 150 Years

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(playful instrumental music) – [Narrator] This is the town of Chippewa Falls, nestled along the Chippewa River in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. It’s home to the Leinenkugel family and the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company. Brewer of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy and one of the oldest breweries in America. So what’s it take for one family […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Award for Drink Ordering

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Burnie: I am presenting the award for best animation in a video game at the Inside Gaming Award Joel: Do you even know the candidates for that? Burnie: I know the winner already Joel: you can say whatever name you want Gus: you should say Red vs. Blue season 9 Joel: yes you should Burnie: […]

Drink and Drive | Comedy | itsfuntoo

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two three four five Bro , lets go. Bro , Let me drive No hurry bro. Drive Slowly. ok ? Yaya.. fine! This song makes you overexcited. Please drive slowly You just sit and chill bro How can I sit n chill… knowing youré driving Bro slowly . No hurry. Stay Quiet. You almost killed […]

Drinking in the Military – Jocko Willink and Jody Mitic

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being around someone like you and I used to be the guy who could I don’t need to drink I’d go months and be like oh yeah I’m gonna drink like you know I love a drink and and you don’t drink and you haven’t drank since you were like in your 20s I think […]

Europeans try Thai Beer

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welcome back everyone today with special guest Pascal again and this is actually the first time we film after we’re back from Thailand I had a great time there. I think we all are from Team Candid and you were not there I was at home but we had a good time and there are, […]