South Park – Drinking Commercial

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You. Friends. Fun. Drink. Hot girls. You’re hot. Drink more. Expensive cars. Ass. Drink. Ass. Money. You in a tuxedo. Threesome. Vodka. Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Fun! You! In a tuxedo fucking this girl! Vodka! Drink! Drink! Drink it all you fucking pussy! More tuxedo! More cars! More pussy! Drink! Drink! Drink! Please drink responsibly.

Effects of Alcohol On The Brain: Long Term Effects of Alcoholism On The Body Liver Heart & Brain

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quit alcohol alcoholism alcohol withdrawal how to stop drinking alcohol abuse alcohol poisoning alcohol withdrawal symptoms how to quit drinking stop drinking addiction drug abuse alcohol addiction substance abuse signs of alcoholism how to stop drinking alcohol quit drinking alcoholic symptoms of alcoholism stop drinking alcohol alcohol dependence quitting drinking symptoms of alcohol withdrawal how […]

Coke + Milk + Red Bull Reaction Experiment

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Today, I’m gonna show you what happens if you mix these three popular drinks together. Coke, Red Bull and Milk, and I’ll be pouring them all into this glass. We’ll start with the Coke. Pour some in. Then add some Milk. You can see that it goes a light brown colour. And it almost looks […]

How Does Alcohol Get You Drunk?

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F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, ‘First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, and then the drink takes you.’ A lyrical way to put getting drunk. So how does alcohol actually take hold of us? No matter what your poison is, booze all contains the same molecule that messes with your mind: […]

Up energy Drink Mini Fridge Full Service Package Rm wraps – Promotional Mini fridge

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Phase two next it’s gonna make sure everything isn’t seeing can think properly okay all right now I’m actually using the Mevo so people can talk to me but I can’t see and also it gets deleted after the video so if you show if you talk to a saying anything wait til after the […]


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Hello! Today, I’m gonna be making prison wine or pruno, as the fancy people say. It’s strain through a sock, so ‘fancy’ is really not an option at this point, but PRUNO. Really interesting story actually. One night I was googling how to make prison wine And now I’m doing it. You want me to […]

6 Banned Alcoholic Drinks

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6 Banned Alcohol Drinks. 6, Five Wives Vodka. In June 2012, The Idaho State Liquor Division banned the sale of Utah-produced Five Wives Vodka claiming it was “offensive” to the State’s prominent Mormon population. The product, which features five women dressed in Mormon attire hitching their skirts up on its label, was launched in November […]

Hawaii man can’t have favorite soft drink while on probation – Daily News

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A Hawaii man has been ordered not to drink his favorite soft drink during four years of probation on a car theft conviction after he told a judge that refraining from Pepsi made him realize that he had done wrong Judge Rhonda Loo imposed the restriction last week while sentencing 21-year-old Christopher Montilliano Jr, The […]

Drinking 2 diet beverages a day linked to stroke, heart attacks

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now a Health Alert diet or regular soda if it seems like an obvious choice you may be wrong a new study links diet soda to heart attack stroke and early death Melanie Lawson shows us why and looks at how much diet soda is too much it’s the artificial sweetener that’s the concern it’s […]

Vaping Alcohol

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no dude I would do jet I would do Mentats I would do stimpacks stimpacks I do super stimpacks I would do psycho Biggers yeah yeah man I’ll do vigorous I want a drug that makes bees shoot out of my hand you can at least believe it like ah the modern row presents whiskey […]