Alcohol – Do’s and don’ts | Drugslab

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Alcohol is the most consumed drug in Western society. It’s socially accepted and everyone comes into contact with it. But if you’re about to drink your first glass, at least keep the do’s and don’ts in mind. Drink one glass of water per alcoholic drink and rest well before and after. And take extra vitamin […]

로꼬 (Loco), 화사 (마마무) – 주지마 (Above Live) (ENG/CHN)

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It’s a dangerous, a close call Holding on by a thread But you are trying to cut it with scissors I don’t need your favor I don’t have much patience I can only see it as a temptation Don’t come to me, don’t Don’t cross the line, please Don’t make me drink, don’t I might […]

Pallaso | Wine And Wine Music Video

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That waist that you rolling you cant imagine what im thinking I feel sorry for every body else looking because they have no idea what they are getting into What you are doing makes me feel good my baby come closer Now would you wine and wine and wine and wine on My baby can […]

Subwave network Live Chaplins wine bar groovebox sessions, summer 2010

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i dont like plastic i dont like fake, which one is you

Lauv – f*ck, im lonely (with Anne-Marie)[Remix]

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I call you one time, two time, three time I can’t wait no more Your fingers through my hair that’s on my mind I know it’s been a minute since you walked right through that door But I still think about you all the time I don’t know I don’t know How I’m gonna make […]