Isan Sausage, White Wine, and Mango Sticky Rice: Chef’s Night out with Bardot Brasserie

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This 1,100-Year-Old Beer’s For You: Recreating Ancient Ales

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(mysterious music) (bubbling) – With a lot of ancient cultures, we focus on the kings, the aristocratic elite. But that makes up such a minor percentage of the population, I want to know what I would have been drinking if I went into a pub 1100 years ago. My name is Travis Rupp. I make […]

The Muslim Drink

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There’s a drug so popular that you can find it anywhere on Earth. It doesn’t matter your religion, your ethnicity, your class, your gender, you’ll find users. And yet, despite how popular it is, no countries have banned it. Despite how many users it has, there are very few rehab centres. We’ve been using this […]

The Dark Side Of Britain: Spice | UNILAD Original Documentary

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So I bought this this morning, I made 1 spliff out of this and it was a really big spliff because it was my morning one and it knocked me out, but that’s it, that’s it there. It’s not much but thats ranging round about 5 pound but you’re only going to need about probably […]

Zimbabwe’s Codeine Cough Syrup Epidemic

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We Drink Cow Urine

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COMM: Worshippers across India, have taken their devotion to cows to the extreme, by drinking the animals urine. COMM: Ultra orthodox Hindu, Jairam Singhal has consumed cattle’s pee everyday for the last ten years, believing it can cure a host of ailments. COMM: Drinking cow urine to treat medical ailments is a centuries old practice […]

London Wine: London’s First Vineyard Since The Middle Ages

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COMM: These ripe grapes can easily belong to a vineyard in the south of France, or the rolling hills of Italy, but in fact, this is a rainy corner of north London. Forty Hall vineyard in Enfield is hoping to produce the capital’s first commercial-scale wine since the middle ages. Manager Sarah Vaughan-Roberts has been […]

Sweet sweet codeine: Nigeria’s cough syrup crisis – BBC Africa Eye documentary

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Codeine cough syrup is causing a plague of addiction across Nigeria. This thing is a serious issue, it is biting everybody, it’s going from one home to another. If you think you are safe you’re not safe. Those hooked risk organ failure and even descent into madness. He is shouting He is screaming He is […]

Trailer Wine Masters Season 2: ITALY

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The renaissance of Italian wine started here in Tuscany. There’s something about the Chianti landscape which is sort of intrinsically romantic. It took us centuries to build up what we have. And it takes two seconds to destroy it. I think the Nero d’Avola is the real Sicilian wine. Another one that has became really […]

It Didn’t Take Long for Americans to Forget about Prohibition

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