Breathing New Life Into Pipes of the Past

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– When most people go into a church, they go in there to reflect or to pray. Most people I think would admit that music enhances that experience. There is nothing as moving as the rumbling of the lowest pitch pipes on the organ. The entire room vibrates with the the sound. It’s a magical […]

Harvesting the World’s Most Expensive Spice

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Beans and Wine in Basque Country: MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 4)

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Tighter, tighter, tighter. Can you give me a quick lesson please? Just do what they’re doing. Oh fuck! Okay. Please help me! We’re in the Gothic town of Tolosa and in search of traditional food in the Basque nation. The Fronton is a high end restaurant that happens to host an enormous pelota vasca court, […]

The Woman Who Is Constantly Sexually Aroused | Living Differently

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VOICEOVER: It’s not fun to be aroused all the time. Would you want to have a raging boner 24/7? I don’t think so. It’s just nonstop. PGAD is Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. It feels like you’re about to orgasm, and then it never goes away, so it’s sharp pains all the way through your legs, […]

Why Lean Became Rap’s Most Wanted Drug

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The Cheerios Effect

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[MUSIC] The breakfast table’s probably the last place you’d expect to find cool physics, but there is some awesome science happening right here, and you’ve probably seen lots of times without even realizing it. Ever notice how cereal tends to stick together in the middle of the bowl? Or it clumps to the edges. That […]

Wine making with oldest traditional method / Homemade Georgian Wine

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Alcohol – Britain’s Most Harmful Drug | Drugs Map of Britain

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PHONE RINGS Alcohol delivery. You just called us? Is that you trying to work out my alcohol? It’s fucking lovely. Cos alcohol’s my best friend. Do you want to get yourself arrested? Go on, then, arrest me. Do you know how drunk you are? Fuck off. I’m not going to accept that just because you’re […]

How Are Aluminium Cans Recycled? | How Do They Do It?

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Novelis is the world’s largest recycler of used beverage cans. They arrive at its factory in Warrington, England from all over the world. Compressed into bails, each weighing up to 1,000 kilograms and containing as many as 65,000 aluminium cans. Every year we save enough energy recycling aluminium cans, cars, tools, even planes, to run […]

This Is Where Your Wine Corks Come From

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(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Cork. It’s the miracle tree bark that’s found in everything from baseball bats to spaceships. But it’s best known as the last obstacle in your journey to drink wine. Yes, sometimes de-corking can feel like a chore. No, I’m not talking about popping open a wine bottle. I’m talking about how […]