In Japan, This Black Vinegar Is Aged Like Wine

By Brian Lemay 100 comments

(percussive music) – [Narrator] Vinegar is one of the oldest fermented foods in the world, but these days it seems to be having a bit of a moment. In the town of Kagoshima in Japan, you will find a special dark vinegar that has long been ahead of the times. – [Announcer] This Great Big […]

Aging Wine at the Bottom of the Sea

By Brian Lemay 100 comments

(bright music) – [Narrator] In the southern part of Croatia, in the peninsula of Peljesac, there is a winemaker that does things a little differently. – [Narrator] That’s right. This winery ages their wine 75 feet beneath the sea’s surface. (playful music) After growing up around many traditional winemakers, Edi had an idea to combine […]

Action Bronson Drinks France’s Top Natural Wine – From Paris with Love (Part 1)

By Brian Lemay 100 comments

we we I’m picking up where I left off in 2015 I’m meeting back up with my man the myth the legend Clovis o Cheney he is my wine shaman to all the people disappear Western peace when I first met cloak this backstage at one of my shows it changed my life forever by […]

The Wine Magician

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Nous sommes dans la vallée de la Loire, celle des châteaux de la Renaissance. J’ai entendu dire qu’ici, un crew de viticulteurs ésotériques suivait des rythmes cosmiques et utilisait des potions druidiques chelou pour faire du pinard. On a roulé pendant 3 heures, depuis Paris pour atteindre le village de Savennières et rencontrer le Magicien […]

How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe

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irgendwann kommt dieser moment wo du einfach nur noch wahllos draufschlägt mein name ist berlin wir sind hier in berlin ich habe durst und zwar rotwein durst und ich hab kein öffnen dabei brauche also irgendeine möglichkeit um den korken raus zu bekommen aus der flasche und hab mir da was überlegt was eventuell funktionieren […]

Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel

By Brian Lemay 53 comments

a fight is not to advance a fight is to wake up people and to make them think you believe strongly as they deserve will come to an end we have got on homicide when Stamford Hill a Jewish neighborhood in North London we’re here to meet the UK branch of the controversial ultra-orthodox Jews […]

How-To: Make Sausage with Seth Rogen

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a little pre-cum already exactly squirting out a little bit they call that skeet it skeet yes that ain’t sweat coming off my balls it’s all skeet skeet hey and that was like a song kids sing like a very popular song so we don’t know that song to be honest yeah you do know […]

TASTEMAKERS | How 323 Chefs Shaped the Way We Eat | Food & Wine Best New Chefs

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– It’s called Best New Chefs. Are you familiar with it? – [Man On Phone] Yeah, I love that list. – You do? – [Man On Phone] I follow it religiously. (laughing) – Best New Chefs, if you look at the franchise across 30 years, and 300 plus chefs, you’re talking about the best of […]

Meet Steven Spurrier: The Man who Changed Wine Forever

By Brian Lemay 100 comments

Wine is made to be drunk, if not everyday, at least it should be part of your life. Stephen Spurrier is one of the legends of the industry. And everybody who comes into the wine trade, there are certain sort of key figures who stand out and Stephen is absolutely one of the top boys. […]

Valeska Soares: Material / Immaterial | Art21

By Brian Lemay 5 comments

–Javier, if you can come over here as well we can all see this together. –So these are the ones that I want you to work with today. [JAVIER] –Okay. [SOARES] –Just lean it here. –Lean it here, like this. –And then turn it around. –That’s going to be tricky, Javier, because that is really, […]

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