Shocking Facts About Coca Cola (aka Coke)!

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>>MARK: Hi I’m Mark Perry the creator of And today I’m gonna show you how making even one small change in your diet, can add up to a big difference over time.And also I’m gonna show you five, kinda small changes you can make that will make a big difference in how you look […]

The Try Guys Try Professional Bartending

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– Today I’m takin’ the (bleep) out of cocktail. (men laughing) – [Keith] Disgusting. (upbeat music) (upbeat jazzy music) – Craft cocktails, expensive drinks. – We are here at Birds & Bees, a craft cocktail speakeasy in downtown L.A. where we’re gonna be learning mixology. And then we’re going to head to head in a […]

¿Cómo preparar los tintes para cuero al alcohol o al agua?

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Hello my friends. Wellcome one more week to Canal Artesano Today, we are going to do a really easy tutorial to learn how to prepare alchohol or water inks. We are going to use as example alchohol anilines As I said in a previous video they have been banned in Europe So they are going […]


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Hello! Today, I’m gonna be making prison wine or pruno, as the fancy people say. It’s strain through a sock, so ‘fancy’ is really not an option at this point, but PRUNO. Really interesting story actually. One night I was googling how to make prison wine And now I’m doing it. You want me to […]

How To Make a Giant Flaming Vortex Fountain

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Hey guys welcome back, thanks for joining us today on the king of random. Not too long ago, we showed you how to make a desktop vortex fountain, something that used to pump in a small cistern of water, pumped it up into a cup in a spiral so that as it drained out, it […]

How To Make Carbonated Drinks with Dry Ice

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that is exactly what a carbonated soda should look like hey guys King Yoshi left the comment down below asking if WE could make our own carbonated drinks using dry ice with almost 800 likes this is by far the most popular comment so that’s what we’re trying today we’re making fizzy drinks on the […]


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10 kitchen tricks and hacks 1: Chip Bag Hot Sealing Knife So you just had some chips and you don’t want any more, now you have to close up but you can’t seem to find a clothing pin to close up your chip bag but you do find your blow torch. So you take a […]

DIY Giant GUMMY Soda Bottle Shape | How To Make Edible Jello & Jelly Soda Tutorial | Collins Key

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– What’s up, it’s Collins Key, and for today’s video, I am doing another DIY. Now I did my very first ever DIY last week, and there was so much positive response on that video. I’m like, you know what, we’re gonna do another DIY right now. But this time, ’cause I’m kind of like […]

What Will Happen If You Mix Coke and Bleach?

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*INTRO* What’s up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is number one priority and today I’m going to show you very cool experiment with bleach and Coca-cola What will happen pour bleach into Coca-cola? Well, let’s find out! This experiment’s called “power of bleach” Let’s check this out! First, I’m gonna pour coke […]


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our wait for it uh uh well I yeah what’s going on guys Papa J here frontier baby and we are back in today we are doing another live stream cuz today we are making the world’s busiest drink that’s right we’ve done the world’s sours drink we’ve done the world’s hottest drink we’ve done […]