Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

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Over 40 years ago, US President Richard Nixon declared drug abuse public enemy number one, starting an unprecedented global campaign, the War on Drugs. Today, the numbers are in. The War on Drugs is a huge failure, with devastating unintended consequences. It led to mass incarceration in the US; to corruption, political destabilization, and violence […]

Can I Die From Too Much Water? Blood? Oxygen?

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Look at your body. It’s pretty great, right? Doing all this complicated stuff to keep you alive? Well, your body runs by the grace of a delicate balance, maintaining just the right levels of the materials you need to live — water, salts, oxygen, even your own blood cells. And you already know that getting […]

What If You Drank Too Much Water? A Woman Did Just That – See What Happened To Her

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This video is brought to you by Honey. Save money when shopping online by visiting the link in the description and downloading the free browser extension. Once upon a time there was a woman who drank three gallons (7 liters) of water, and we mean she gulped down that amount in just two hours. Why […]

Can You Drink Too Much Water?

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Water is amazing! It’s necessary for life to exist, makes you healthier, and it’s incredibly refreshing – especially after an intense workout. But is water intoxication a real thing? Can you drink too much water? We’re often told to drink around 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy – but the honest truth […]

What Alcohol Does to Your Body

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We explain what alcohol does to your body. This is Michael. He enjoys going out and drinking at the weekend sometimes a bit more than he should! He’s worried that it might be affecting his health – what exactly is alcohol doing to him? Michael knows that alcohol is used to describe beverages containing ethanol. […]

What If You Stopped Drinking Water?

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Every living organism we know of requires water to survive – it’s part of the reason we look so feverishly for water on other planets across the universe, and consume it consistently every day here on Earth. So what would happen to your body if you stopped drinking water? Of course, when we say ‘water’ […]

Milk Could Be Killing You!

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This episode of DNews is brought to you by Audible. Milk does a body, something something. But even if you GOT it, do you WANT it? Television has run commercials asking if we have milk and if we are drinking milk for our strong bones, but science is starting to look at this and say, […]

Tyler Skaggs Had Opioids and Alcohol in His System, Died by Choking on Vomit: Toxicology Report – N

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Image zoom  Tyler Skaggs‘ cause of death has been revealed.  According to a toxicology report and autopsy from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner, obtained by PEOPLE on Friday, Skaggs’ cause of death was a mixture of “alcohol, fentanyl and oxycodone intoxication with terminal aspiration of gastric contents ”  Skaggs, 27, choked on his vomit while […]

Man Shot, Killed Outside Liquor Store In Ellis County

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The Strange Drowning of Natalie Wood

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(tense music) – This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we discuss the highly controversial drowning of Natalie Wood. Get your sunglasses ready because this one is packed full of bright stars. Wow, he had them ready. He didn’t even know I was gonna say that. – I had ’em good to go. I’m always ready, baby. […]