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Hello, it’s Yannick. For a while, on the internet I look you have people who make what are called can stoves it’s stoves that are made with cans and that you can carry on everywhere and light by putting a little alcohol in it and it’s convenient enough to go camping on weekend or other […]

Shrimp Scampi – A Delicious Italian Pasta Dish With Lot’s Of Garlic, Wine, Butter, Parsley

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Boungiorno! Hey It’s Rockin Robin here from Cooking Mexican Recipes.com I’m in an Italian mood so today I’m going to show you how to make some scampi. now my version has a lot of garlic and wine and butter and I’m gonna serve it over a bed of pasta. So doesn’t that sound great? Ok […]

Long Lunch | Topgolf

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[hip hop music] ♪ Oh yeah, you took a long lunch ♪ Lunch! ♪ Yeah, you’re still on the clock ♪ ♪ Gone for your long lunch ♪ Lunch! ♪ And it may not never stop ♪ ♪ Yeah, you took a long lunch ♪ Lunch! ♪ Give the microwave a rest ♪ ♪ No […]

Vegan Horchata: Quick & Easy Organic Superfood Beverage Recipe

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Hey there, it’s J-Wro here, on the J-Wro Show, bringing you guys another delicious and simple vegan recipe on the show today. If you take it way back into family traditions and celebrations, usually there are one or two really key things in each tradition or culture. And today, I’m doing the vegan version of […]

مطبخ ام وليد تحلية بالمشروبات الغازية / Dessert aux boissons gazeuses / Soft drinks Dessert

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Hello Today in Oum Walid kitchen We’ll make a soft drink dessert We’ll make a soft drink dessert We’ll make a soft drink dessert Ingredients: 1 litre of soft drink, 1 cup of starch, 1 cup of sugar Ingredients: 1 litre of soft drink, 1 cup of starch, 1 cup of sugar Ingredients: 1 litre […]

Rouladen Recipe Red Wine Sauce Gravy, Beef, Bacon, Tarragon Mustard

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Pounding something, Vanessa? Yeah. We’re making beef rouladen today. Okay. And we have a wonderful piece of meat here, I’ll show you, what we use. Yeah. And we cut thin slices. In Europe, the butcher slices it really really thin. Here it’s hard to get sometimes, so I pound mine a little bit. Okay. And […]

The Aromatic Science of Food and Wine: Francois Chartier at TEDxUdeM

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Translator: Sue Kronenfeld Reviewer: Denise RQ I brought dessert, but I’m going to keep it for myself, right there. Let’s get started; I’ll show you my rule of molecular harmony in wine-serving so that everyone understands what is eaten in winter. It’s a rule of the aromatic sciences of food and wine which I “gave […]

Best Restaurant in Naxos Town, Greece

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Welcome, Please Subscribe our channel to view food videos. Best Restaurants in Naxos Town Barozzi Restaurant & Cocktail Bar Soulatso Antamoma Cuisine Deli Store To Souvlaki tou Maki Nissaki Restaurant La Vigne Wine Bar & Food Sarris Tavern Nostimon Hellas To Kati Allo Ginger Mediterranean Cuisine Subscribe Our Channel