Palm Wine Tapping Munnar || Palmyra Palm Juice || Health Benefits Of Palm Wine || Healthy Flavours

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You all will be curious to know where Iam. Yes Iam at Marakkanam village in Idukki district, where this famous palm wine toddy shop is situated. Star of todays video is Palm wine Fresh and pure palm wine is served here Natures purest form of water is found in palm wine Even if we try […]

How to Choose Wine to Impress Your Hot Date

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– I’m Jeremy Repanich, and I gotta hot date. – I’m Patrick Cappiello, and I know he’s lying. (jazzy music) – So we’re here at Vintry Wines in New York City. I talked to a lot of other guys. They want to buy a bottle of wine for them and their significant other. They wanna […]

Beer Can Turkey How To

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Hey y’all it’s Bill West from and I’m going to share with you -I think – the easiest, most fool proof, way to cook turkey on the grill. You’ve heard of “beer butt” chicken? Yes, this is “Beer In The Rear Turkey”. The poor thing gets violated with not just a regular beer can […]

Strawberry, Chilli, Red Wine & Black Pepper Sauce

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Isan Sausage, White Wine, and Mango Sticky Rice: Chef’s Night out with Bardot Brasserie

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Kelly Diedring Harris presents the Advent Wine Opener on HSN; Dec. 2014

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Umeshu and Ume Syrup (Plum Wine and Syrup Recipe) 梅酒と梅ジュース 作り方レシピ

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♪♪♪ Hi, I am the host of this show, “Cooking With Dog.” OK! Let’s have her, prepare the containers for the plum syrup and plum wine. whipe the pre-washed and then dried, airtight containers with the ‘Shochu.’ Damp the kitchen paper with the ‘Shochu’ and thoroughly wipe the inside of the containers. This sanitising process […]

Ribeye Steak and Beer Matching | John Quilter

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FoodTube! John Quilter aka The Food Busker and I’ve got the most amazing ribeye steak for you now and we’re going to do it with a coffee and shallot butter it’s so good, it sits in the fridge, you can just take a slice and drop it on it’s so tasty but what’s really cool […]

Root Beer Ice Cream Recipe

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welcome friends today in the kitchen we are going to attempt to make a root beer ice cream recipe I’m not terribly sure how this is going to work out but we’re going to give it a go since we’ve got all the roots we made root beer why not take all of the roots […]

How To Make BEER Vinegar RAW Vinegar

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hey everyone welcome back today we are continuing our adventures in vinegar making and we are going to make beer vinegar this is not the same as malt vinegar sort of the same as Marvin eager but beer as you know or may not know has hops in it and malt vinegar is not made […]