The Comedy Show Drinking Game || Brew Haha

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– I’m really drunk as the dickens right now, Christmas drunk, actually. (audience laughs) Yeah, of course we drink when we mention Christmas, I don’t know the rules to your game. (energetic music) ♪ Pack your stupid friends into your stupid car ♪ ♪ Don’t get a DUI, you know who you are ♪ – […]

the furry that drinks WAY too much at cons

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What do you mean I’m an alcoholic? 10 a.m. is a perfect time to start drinking! (jazzy music) I’m not drunk you’re drunk! What am i drinking? Just water! I’m not loud, you’re loud! Where did my cup go? Where did my shirt go? This literally hasn’t happened to me before. Okay guys, fun new […]

The ‘Full House’ When D.J. Got Busted Not Drinking Beer

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– [Narrator] The fam serenades Michelle with Baby Beluga, woof. D.J. and Kimmy wisely rush past that nightmare. They’re busy planning the school dance. They celebrate, booking a shitty band. Kimmy tells D.J. to invite Kevin to this dance they’re ruining but since D.J. is a coward, Stephanie calls for her. Kevin says with no […]

Lauren Drinks Fireball Whiskey

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– Have you heard of Fireball? Do you know about Fireball? [cheers and applause] Wow. Wow. It’s popular, isn’t it. It’s cinnamon whiskey, and some stores in the UK are recalling Fireball because it turns out it has an ingredient that is also found in antifreeze. [audience murmuring] Mm-hmm. That’s true. And the FDA is […]

Chan & Dee’s Drink Tank Episode 1 – Merci Dumbton

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and now coming to you live from the heart of double pay please welcome your hosts for this evening Chan and Dee. Good evening ladies and genders I’m Chanel I’m Dior and we’re 50 female and very very fucked off! While en route to our bi-weekly mani-pedi despite using the zebra crossing we were run […]

Introducing new Swiss Chalet Energy Drink | 22 Minutes

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Ready for this? Let’s see what you got, cmon man. I gotta stop. I’m exhausted. Cmon man, one more game! Man, what’s your secret? You juicin’? Nah man, I don’t juice. I sauce. [Voiceover] New Swiss Chalet Energy Drink. [Voiceover] A unique combination of caffeine, vitamin B12, and chicken dripping. Take it easy, that stuff’s […]


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Let’s Not Get a Drink Sometime | Hardly Working

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(upbeat music playing) – Patrick – Grant! How the hell are ya? – I’m great man, what are you doing here? – Oh, I’m just grabbin lunch with Trap – Nice nice nice. When’s the last time we did something like that? – Oh, I don’t know we.. Were supposed to get drinks last month […]

Opening a Beer with a Sword or Elysian Space Dust IPA Review or How to Get a Video Demonetized

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I know it’s not a good look for a bro to have these days, but sometimes I feel I’m kinda IPA’d out. Not beered out- let’s make that distinction… What I mean is have 3-4 I regularly drink- but IPAs are the new yellow beers- meaning it’s half of the beers they sell at Walmart […]


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– Wow. Yo, it’s your boy Killem. Welcome to today’s video. I usually say vlog but it’s not a vlog, it’s a video. Welcome to today’s video. I’m real sorry I have had a week off. I was doing daily vlog type videos and I’m just vanished for a week. I’ve still been on Twitter, […]