Bye Bye Sugary Drinks – Stop Drinking Soda Drinks Immediately and This Will Happen to Your Body

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This is what happens to your body when you stop drinking soda Addiction bring to mind images of people inhaling hard drugs, lying drunk in alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Sodas, also called soft drinks, carbonated drinks and sugary drinks, are also a serious addiction worldwide. Most people do not take into account the harmful effects […]


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okay so let’s take this berry Fanta uh-huh let’s pour it in here let’s see what happened and see oh boy this would be crazy what’s going to happen it’s smoking whoa whoa it’s like boiling in there it’s like is it working I have no idea what’s happening mister stir it real good oh […]


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WHAT’S UP YOUTUBE? Today we are going to try some more weird soda’s. Whoo, so let’s try some weird soda’s. So let’s go down the list and see what we have in store for us today. Butter soda Dirt soda AHAHA Birthday cake soda, that sounds good. Burros Churros soda Burros Churros soda AHEUH And […]

A Mysterious Coca-Cola Surprise…

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There’s always something new around here Every time I come here and I tell you guys that stuff just shows up I think it might be the last time I say that but of course it isn’t Because this is Unbox Therapy The boxes are never gonna stop showing up That says “Coca Cola” on […]

Side Effects of Coke | Soft Drinks Side Effects You Must Know

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You would hardly find anyone on this planet who wouldn’t have heard about Coca Cola. This company which is more than 100 years old expanded very fast from West to East due to its special taste and a very profitable business model. Being one of the most valuable brand, company sells 1.8 Billion units every […]

5 DIY Miniature Soda Craft Projects! SECRET Hiding Place, Room Decor, Gifts & More DIYs – Easy Ideas

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hello and welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to show you how to make 5 DIY miniature soda craft projects if you enjoy this video please click that like button leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite drink is and it doesn’t have to be soda and if you’re […]

Bastiaan neemt een groot risico en combineert alcohol met cocaïne | Drugslab

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Hey, I am Nellie and I am Bastiaan and welcome in our Drugslab. Twice a month we try different types of psychedelics to see what reaction they give on our body and with that we want to break the taboo of psychedelics. Yes! are you curious about a specific type of psychedelics? Let us know […]

Nellie drinks alcohol in a karaoke bar | Drugslab

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Sorry, sorry. It’s the booze. Hi, I’m Dzifa. -And I’m Nellie. Welcome to… -Our Drugslab. Twice a month we try out various drugs to see how it affects our bodies. If you’re curious about a drug, leave a comment, and we might test it for you. Also let us know if you’re curious about a […]

This is What Happens to Soda in a Vacuum Chamber

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Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop Today we are trying something out that hundreds of you have asked for down in the comments. We’re going to see what happens when we put soda in a vacuum chamber. We’re gonna try this bunch of different ways. We’re gonna put whole cans in the […]

Bastiaan drinks alcohol and drives a car | Drugslab

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I never drink and drive. This just feels unnatural. Hi, I’m Dzifa. -And I’m Bastiaan. Welcome to our Drugslab. -As you can see we’re not in the lab… but at a driving school, because I’m going to drink and drive. We’ve done alcohol before on Drugslab. You can watch the videos on YouTube. Over 11 […]