10 Coca-Cola Drinks That Embarrassed The Company (Part 2)

By Brian Lemay 73 comments

Established more than 133 years ago, Coca-Cola is a legend in the carbonated drinks market. While it has churned out many impressive drinks over the years, some of its creations have been epic failures. Check out these 10 Coca-Cola drinks that embarrassed the company – part 2 Coca-Cola Water Salad For most Americans, the ultimate […]

10 Coca-Cola Drinks That Embarrassed The Company

By Brian Lemay 81 comments

The Coca-Cola Company was started in 1886 by a pharmacist named John Pemberton and the first product sold was the iconic Coca-Cola. Today, Coca-Cola Company now has over 500 different products being sold in around 200 countries. But since Coca-Cola has released so many different products over the years, it also means that there have […]