How to DIY a Wine Glass Rack With Floor Molding | Karen + Mina From HGTV’s “Good Bones”

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This little guy is an affordable quick project for hanging your wine glasses, and this is actually floor molding, so if you’ve got two transitioning pieces, this goes in between and bridges the gap. I see. We’re turning it into a wine rack. I think this is so cool. All right, let’s make sure I […]

‘Everyone is Soigné’ Ep. 3 Preview | Sweetbitter | STARZ

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I always go for guys like Will, I guess. Everybody has a type, right? I have Serena on the line. Oh? Who’s Serena? Okay, what do you want from me? I want your friendship. What’s that? You going to Home Bar later? ♪

Easy Bolognese Recipe | Jamie Oliver

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Hello you lovely people. Jamie here. So we’re gonna do an incredible classic family-friendly beautiful ragu. Perfect as a base for loads of great dishes like spaghetti bolognaise lasagne, chilli and cannelloni. It’s economical. Filling. Dead easy to knock up in a big batch and store in the freezer. Plus it’s a great way to […]

Sweet Bordeaux wines at the Bordeaux Wine festival 2014!

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In this burger, I worked with ground meat : wagyu beef. It’s beef in a japanese tradition. I also brought some salt, with colonata bacon. It’s italian bacon, which brings some salt. I wanted to counterbalance with Sweet Bordeaux wines the salted side. I also brought in this recipe some oyster leaves, it’s Mertensia Maritima, […]

How To Subsitute Wine In Cooking | Jamie’s 1 Minute Tips

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Hi guys, let me show you what you can substitute for wine in cooking. So many, many people, for years have said, “What can I use or put instead of alcohol, in my cooking?” Of course, alcohol’s got into there because there’s amazing flavour in that product. When we cooked properly with alcohol, there is […]

One of America’s Best Sommeliers Blind Taste Tests Sparkling Wine Under $15

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– I’m Patrick Cappiello, Wine Director of Rebelle restaurant in New York City, Eater National and Food & Wine Magazine’s Sommelier of the year. And today, I’m going to blind-taste cheap, sparkling wines. (upbeat music) When I’m tasting sparkling wines, I’m looking for the same things I’m looking for with still wines but obviously with […]

One of America’s Top Sommeliers Taste Tests Celebrity Wines

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– I’m Patrick Cappiello, Eater National’s Sommelier of the Year and winner of Wine Spectator’s Grand Award and today, I’m gonna grade celebrity wines. (upbeat rock music) So, this is Mike Ditka. The name of this wine is The Champion. Still has a very high view of himself. From the Napa Valley, eh, so he’s […]

Action Bronson Drinks France’s Top Natural Wine – From Paris with Love (Part 1)

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we we I’m picking up where I left off in 2015 I’m meeting back up with my man the myth the legend Clovis o Cheney he is my wine shaman to all the people disappear Western peace when I first met cloak this backstage at one of my shows it changed my life forever by […]

How to Decode a Wine Label to Help Make Buying Wine Easier

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– I’m Patrick Cappiello, from Rebelle Restaurant in New York City and today I’m gonna show you how to decode wine labels. (upbeat music) Wine labels can often be overwhelming for consumers, but there are a few things that you can learn that will really help you when you’re at a wine store or at […]

How to Make a French 75, the Classiest Summertime Cocktail

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– I’m Patrick Cappiello from Rebelle Restaurant in New York City, and today I’m gonna show you how to make a cocktail with wine. (upbeat rock music) So today we’re going to make a classic cocktail that uses champagne or sparkling wine in it. It’s called the French 75. French 75 is the perfect summertime […]