Mom Tries Korean Alcohol | Canada VS Korea: Grocery Price Differences? 🍉🥑

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Food and Beverage Server (Episode 43)

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Imagine a career that brings an exciting environment and flexible hours to the table. Let’s meet a food and beverage server. Hi, Caylee. I’m Viviana. Hi. Nice to meet you. Likewise. Basic guidelines would be you want to greet your table as fast as you can. You’re trying to develop a relationship with whoever’s coming […]

Centennial College: Food and Beverage Management

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[Music]>>The hospitality industry is about anticipating guest’s needs, and then delivering a memorable experience. [Music] It’s as much about the personal connection as it is about the product these days. My name is Alexander SenGupta. I’m an instructor at Centennial’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts. I also own and operate five different restaurant […]

Visiting COMOX VALLEY + WINE TASTING 🍷🍇 | Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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in today’s video we continue our Vancouver Island road trip in partnership with trover this time doing a little exploring along the Comox area this was another exciting day that featured our closest bear encounter to date a chance visit to a winery owned by a famous Hollywood film director and some fun at a […]

How to minimize hangovers

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The indulgences of summer can come back to haunt you. Hangovers can cause headaches, nausea and an overall horrible feeling. Scientist and emergency physician Dr. Clare Atzema says, all that drinking leaves you dry. It’s mostly dehydration that’s causing that terrible headache that you feel. And you have a lot of alcohol by-products that break […]

The History of Alcohol

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Alcohol. We began drinking it long before we even knew how to write. It’s one of the most universally available, widely used — and commonly abused — chemical substances in human history. This is the 9,000 year history of alcohol. We’ve been using basic chemistry to make the stuff for thousands of years, but our […]

Ontario government announces further funding for wine, cider and spirits programs

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Ernie Hardeman>>I’m pleased to announce further funding for our wine, cider and spirits programs, while our government continues its overall review of the alcohol sector. The transition investment of over 15 million dollars for one year, will help your sector with key business decisions and planning. Carolyn Hurst>>It really is an investment – that’s how […]

HFX Beverage Expo – My Halifax – Things To Do In Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Good morning guys. It’s Adam Cooper here from My Halifax. For this weeks My Halifax, we’ve come to an event which I think is super cool. Especially since it’s so early in the morning. We’re coming to the HFX Beverage Expo which is basically an event which is a celebration of non-alcoholic beverages so coffees, […]

Advice on Avoiding Alcohol | Jordan B Peterson

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any tips on avoiding booze yeah that’s a real tough one well I would say a couple of things um there is a drug with your a binge drinker there is a drug called naltrexone that you can consider and you did nail Trek’s them every day it doesn’t really have any psychological effect on […]

Beverage Alcohol to be Sold in Hundreds of Additional Stores Across Ontario

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Minister Fedeli>>There will be more than 300 new retail outlets selling beverage alcohol across Ontario. More grocery stores across the province to sell wine beer and cider. The LCBO is expanding its agency store program with up to 60 stores. These new locations will now appropriately be called “LCBO Convenience Outlets” [Title: Coming to your […]

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