Drinking in the Military – Jocko Willink and Jody Mitic

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being around someone like you and I used to be the guy who could I don’t need to drink I’d go months and be like oh yeah I’m gonna drink like you know I love a drink and and you don’t drink and you haven’t drank since you were like in your 20s I think […]

Sour Toe Cocktail of Dawson City – Are you Brave Enough to Drink the Dead Toe?

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So we’re here at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City And we are about to do a shot with an old toe in it. Yes, you heard me correctly, there is somebody’s toe that has been pickled and petrified, it’s black with frost bite, And we put it in a shot of Vodka and drink […]

A possible new treatment for alcohol use disorder

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Simple moments like these are something Dr. Frank Plummer says he’ll never take for granted. For over the past decade he has fought alcohol use disorder. Similar to some Canadians, he was high-functioning. It started when he was pioneering research in Kenya around the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis. So I was constantly writing then […]

Introducing: Weed Beer | 22 Minutes

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[voiceover] You work hard… You play harder. Hey, let’s try these new weed beers! [voiceover] And after a long day of hard, you want the cold, crisp taste of beer, with the full bodied buzz of a marijuana cigarette. [voiceover] Introducing Weed Beer! [voiceover] The new weed-infused beer. So I guess it’s like beer, but […]

Food and Drinks – English Language

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Una Mey – Butterflies & Red Wine (Audio)

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The fever sets in Time runs away like water Control gone to waste Coffee too hot to sip I want someone to tell me they feel it Too I find my heart racing without reason Some days I cannot pin myself down, Down I fly high Like butterflies And Red Wine I Get lost In […]

The Knockout Beer Bong Commercial

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The bong has evolved. Introducing The Knockout. It’s a bottle top attachment that instantly turns any bottle into a beer bong, water bong or gravity bong. Just seal the knockout onto any bottle and you can chug smoothly without spilling a drop It works by letting air flow into the bottle through the stainless steel […]

What Beer Ramen Tastes Like

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– Oh, my God, that is so wild. Today we are at Yuu Japanese Tapas in Richmond, and it is home to the Insta-famous beer ramen. We did a video about the beer ramen a few months back. When I first saw this, I was so shocked. The beer ramen was one of those things […]

Mom Tries Korean Alcohol | Canada VS Korea: Grocery Price Differences? ??

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Food and Beverage Server (Episode 43)

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Imagine a career that brings an exciting environment and flexible hours to the table. Let’s meet a food and beverage server. Hi, Caylee. I’m Viviana. Hi. Nice to meet you. Likewise. Basic guidelines would be you want to greet your table as fast as you can. You’re trying to develop a relationship with whoever’s coming […]