Primitive Fermented Queen Palm Drink

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The queen palm is native to South America but has been introduced to temperate climates around the world The ripe fruit falls to the ground so I am using my baskets to collect it while it is still on the tree These baskets were made from spiny rush and common cattail leaves I clean the […]

Introduction to Beer Photography & Retouching Tutorial | PRO EDU

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(amazing beer music) – Welcome to the beer tutorial. We’ve been planning a beverage tutorial for a very, very long time, and looking at the curriculum from multiple different perspectives. And in doing so, we realized, beer has to be its own category. There is just so much to learn when it comes to photographing […]

‘Egg in a Mixed Drink?!’ How To Make a Flip Cocktail | Behind The Bar

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(rock music) – When you crack an egg in a drink, people think you’re nuts, right? It looks sort of weird, right, it’s almost like you’re like holy shit, what is this person doing? The Flip is an egg drink with sugar and then a spirit. The Flip started somewhere around the 1600s. It is […]

Beer Floats – Ice Cream Floats with Beer – Food Wishes

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hello this is chef john from food wishes comma with beer floats that’s right i hear this guy who’s drinking an ice cream float say there’s no way this can get any better so i was like hold my beer and then i was like actually give me that beer back i’m gonna need that […]

Beer Photography: With Rob Grimm

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Aaron Nace: A couple of weeks ago, we headed down to St. Louis, Missouri to shoot with the Shakespeare of beers, St. Louis’ own, Rob Grimm. Today, we’re bringing you an exclusive Phlearn tutorial on just how we did it. Rob Grimm: Hey, gang. Welcome. We’re going to be doing a new shot today. It’s […]

Cheese Tea Is China’s Latest Drink Sensation

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(dance rock music) (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] Waiting over an hour for tea sounds ridiculous, shocking even, but this isn’t your every day tea. What they’re waiting for is cheese tea. (elegant string music) (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] Cheese tea is exactly what it sounds like: tea topped with cheese. (speaking foreign language) […]

How to Start a Drink Company – Beverage Boot Camp Episode 1

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So, you want to change what the world is drinking. But how do you take your beverage idea and get it on store shelves? It’s not as easy as mixing water and sugar and bottling it up in your kitchen. There are hundreds of considerations and hundreds of hurdles along the way. While you might […]

Whiskey Sour | How to Drink

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Hi, I’m Greg and this is how to drink I’ve never worked in a bar, Held a position as a bar back, Been a bar apprentice… Been… I’ve been in bars, I’ve been in a lot of bars. This is How To Drink, A show about making cocktails and drinking them. Let’s get going. We’re […]

Drinking Coffee Shrinks Your Breasts?

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now this is interesting news because women have a lot of mixed feelings about some would like them to be bigger like that and some like me will like them to be a bit smaller and more manageable and some women probably don’t really give a shit honestly can caffeine really be linked to breast […]

What Happens If You Drink a Glass of Heavy Water?

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SciShow is supported by a problem-solving website that teaches you how to think like a scientist. Mmmm, a refreshing glass of cold water. If you think I’m talking about H-2-O, then you’re right. But I could be sipping on heavy water, or deuterium oxide, aka D-2-O, just as easily. Well, not just as easily… […]