Thomas Rhett – Beer Can’t Fix ft. Jon Pardi

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Why millennials are increasingly choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle

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JUDY WOODRUFF: And finally tonight: a budding movement that suggests changes in millennials’ relationship with alcohol. Hari Sreenivasan has our story from New York. HARI SREENIVASAN: New York City, Times Square. This party started just before sunrise. For more than five years, Daybreaker has hosted these early morning events around the world. People come out […]

Part 1 – How to Keep a Beer Keg Properly Carbonated – Balance a Keg for the Perfect Pour

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Beverage keg balancing tip While an unbalanced keg may pour just fine initially, it may lead to over-carbonation or under-carbonation by the end of the keg. Here is a quick industry trick on setting your output pressure to ensure your fresh keg remains perfectly balanced for the life of the keg. Start by setting […]


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Beer? – No, no… – Chips? I don’t want anything… Chips? Uh… chips… good, eh? Do you want to try…? Are you kidding me, or what bro? What’s up? No, no, buddy, no… Then why do you say “want to try” my brother? I’m telling you, if you have bags of chips, that’s it. No […]

Cornell Helps Bring Malting Barley Back to N.Y. Farms and Beer

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The Best Beer and Food in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

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Hey, everybody! This is Roger and Rose from Go Travel Shop Eat Repeat. We’re back on another old bridge today as always because that’s just the thing that we do where the Old Bridge Channel now I think. But today we are in beautiful Bamberg, Germany… yeah… one of the most beautiful cities you’re gonna […]

Rachael’s Beer Cheese Soup

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Keg Cleaning, Sanitizing and Kegging your Homebrew Beer

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How to clean, sanitize, and fill your keg. Whenever you’re ready to fill a keg with beer, you need to make sure to clean and sanitize the keg first. Unfermented wort is the ideal breeding ground for certain bacteria, and if they get in the wort at the wrong time, the beer can be ruined. […]


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My concept of a bar: Everyone knows your name. You walk in and your beer is waiting for you. Your gonna have a friendly face say “Hey what’s up, I haven’t seen you in a long time.” My name is Tony Urbanek, and I own Tony’s Eat & Drink. We have all different flavors of […]

Sacramento’s ‘Capitol Beer Fest’ takes coronavirus precautions

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