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– Wow. Yo, it’s your boy Killem. Welcome to today’s video. I usually say vlog but it’s not a vlog, it’s a video. Welcome to today’s video. I’m real sorry I have had a week off. I was doing daily vlog type videos and I’m just vanished for a week. I’ve still been on Twitter, […]

The most important part of curling is the beer | 22 Minutes

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Okay, so what are the rules? We’re just playing for fun. All I know is you’ve gotta get your rock closest to that target. Oh! And another thing. The winner has to buy the loser a beer. Oh, does he… Hurry! Hurry hurry! Hurry hard! Hurry! I wouldn’t worry about that’s fine! That’s fine. Well […]

Beer Tower – Tipsy Bartender

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(club music) – [Man] Whitney, girl, what are we making today? – [Whitney] A Super Bowl Beer Tower! – Exactly, usually towers are champagne. – But we put a twist on it to keep it simple for the common man. This was just cheap and I bought it. – Alright, so the first thing with […]

Street Food and Beer Pairing | Tim Anderson

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Hello everybody, welcome to Drinks Tube. I’m Tim and today we’re here at Craft Beer Rising on Brick Lane, a beer festival that celebrates all that’s exciting about the world of beer. Now in addition to the great beer, there’s some fantastic street food inside, so we’re gonna’ use this as an opportunity to do […]

DIY Root Beer Kit

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Enjoy delicious, homemade root beer with the Mr. Root Beer Kit. Brewing root beer is a fun activity for kids, and best of all they get to enjoy the fruit of their labor. And share it too. Sharing is important, deliciously important. The kit includes all the essentials, and you’ll be making your own root […]

Super Funny Babies Drink Fails #2 – WE LAUGH

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This is a compilation of the BEST baby’s drinking moments fails. Don’t miss out !

History of Beer – Seven Wonders of the Microbe World (1/7)

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From Black Death to Cholera, and Syphilis to Typhoid, Microbes have been responsible for some of the world’s most devastating diseases. But at the same time, these tiny, single cell organisms, have aided our survival on earth – helping us produce some of our favourite foods. Though humans didn’t realise it at the time, microbes […]

What Beer Do You Drink Down Under? | Learn Australian English | Aussie Culture

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What kinds of beer are common in Melbourne and common in Australia that I should try? The common ones, Ryan, unfortunately, don’t always tend to be the best ones. So, to talk to you guys a little bit about beer, and the beer that I would drink here in Melbourne. Melbourne is really good because […]

Warm Beer, Dirndls, and David Hasselhoff? – My reaction to (funny) clichés about Germans

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What you’re from Germany that’s so cool, but why do you guys like warm beer? Hello servus, and welcome back to my youtube channel. My name is Felicia, I am German and I’m currently in my hometown Munich in Germany, and I have spend about a year in total in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’ll go […]

Craft Beer 101: Entrepreneurship and Beer – Learn Liberty

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Peter : Chris, there’s Craft Beer everywhere. Here on tap, I was just at a Craft Beer festival. There’s just tons of Craft Beer. What’s going on? Is this the best it’s ever been? Christopher: No, this is not the best it’s ever been. Actually, 1870 there were about 4,000 breweries in the United States. […]