NitroBrew – Make Any Beer a Masterpiece

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There are glasses of beer and there are works of art. Ballets of bubbles. Ales you sip with your eyes. Heads of foam, thick and silky. . Flavor that effervesces on the tongue and dances on the palate. When you taste these works of art, it changes you. And you’ll thank the bartender who served […]

Paan Gulkand Drink Recipe In Marathi | पान गुलकंद ज्यूस | Summer Drink Recipe | Archana Arte

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Namaste! Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Archana. Summer season is here! So, thought of showing you all a drink.. ..hence, today I am showing you Paan Gulkand Drink. I have taken 10-12 betel leaves here. We are going to grind them in a mixer now. Remove the petiole and break the leaves and add them. […]


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We are now at Contratto. At the oldest wine cellar of Piedmont. And we are waiting so see the wine cellar. They make Spumante wine. That’s a sparkling wine. Let me show you how this building looks. It’s BEAU-TI-FUL!

Great Northern Brewing Co – The Beer From Up Here

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Where are the matches? I thought you had them? Need a hand? Great Northern Brewing Co the beer from up here

How clean is YOUR drinking water?

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Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. Oh look it’s my invisible friend! So glad you finally got to meet him! Living in the water, and nearly everywhere else on Earth,, are tiny, microscopic organisms called microorganisms or microbes., They have existed for at least 3,500 million years and were the only living things on Earth […]

Magic English Drink for kids + MORE | English stories for children | Steve and Maggie

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Hi hi. Abracadabra. Haha ha. Hi Ha hi ha ha. Ou, hey hello. How are you? Look, I am using some Maggie magic. Watch this. Abracadabra. Uh-oh. Hey, hello. Hello boys and girls. I am really thirsty. I need a drink. Great. Wow! I am really thirsty. Hey. Oh no. Oh hey. Haha. Some juice. […]

Marijuana: Negative Health Effects

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Marijuana has many medical applications, most especially for patients on chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis patients, glaucoma and for chronic pain. It has a long history of both recreational and medical use. However, its popularity has led to a lot of myths about the health effects of marijuana. I’d like to do my best to dispel these […]

Zambartas Winery Cyprus Harvest Time 2018

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Hey Tasters! What does it take to make great Cyprus Wine? We decided to visit the Zambartas winery to find out for ourselves. We got in touch with Marleen Zambartas, the wife of the chief winemaker Marcos Zambartas, and arranged for a visit. Enjoy the story! Zambartas winery is located in Ayios Amvrosios, right in […]

This Beer Will Give You The Best Buzz For Your Buck

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I’m going to drink 3 different beers at 3 different alcohol percentages across 3 days. And we are going to find out which gives the best buzz for your buck. All these beers are under $2, and after I’m done drinking them, we are going to test my BAC. I’m excited. You should be too.

Lush Beer Bath Bomb: King of Baths

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Some weeks are more gruelling than others. And some weekends are more awesome than others. This is the weekend… And this is what weekends were made for… You deserve to be pampered Oh yeah! This is what weekends are made for! Mmmm Beer Bath Bomb: King of Baths Must be over 21 for purchase. Not […]