Side Effects of Coke | Soft Drinks Side Effects You Must Know

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You would hardly find anyone on this planet who wouldn’t have heard about Coca Cola. This company which is more than 100 years old expanded very fast from West to East due to its special taste and a very profitable business model. Being one of the most valuable brand, company sells 1.8 Billion units every […]

Selling A Glass Of Wine To A Millennial Vs A Baby Boomer by Christiana Gifford

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Honey Bubbles Co-Founder Christiana Gifford:   Maybe the pitch of the story comes first… “Where does the wine come from? What is the background behind the wine people?” A little education on the wine first.  I think that everybody is a little bit different. When you’re reading a customer, I think that my background in […]

The Truth About Drinking Celery Juice Daily Doctor’s Opinion

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I want to talk about celery juice you want to talk about celery juice in fact hundreds of thousands of people want to talk about drinking pure celery juice every day and its potential benefits so much so that it’s become an internet phenomenon in the past few years I personally believe that the merriam-webster […]

Your Brain on LSD and Acid

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LSD, also known as acid is a psychedelic drug famous for altering your perception and creating hallucinations. But how does it actually works and what is the effect on your body and more importantly, your brain? Lysergic acid diethylamide was first synthesised in 1938 from the fungus that grew on rye. In 1943, the inventor […]

Meet Warwick Smith, founder of Renegade Wine – e-Somm – episode 8

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– Okay hi guys welcome back to e-Somm! So this week I’m going to talk about urban wineries, it’s a phenomenon really, it’s just like, I would say, like clearly we can confirm that it’s like taking London pretty seriously and now here with me Warwick who is the founder of Renegade, Renegade Wine we […]

Majstri Vín by WINE EXPERT #Frtus Winery

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Masters of Wine Hello, ladies and gentlemen I´m glad we see each other. If you haven´t watch us until now, this is our second part of a lifestyle magazine Masters of Wine. I´m David Winter. And today we will introduce a story about sucessful winemakers. Sit down and open a bottle of good wine, we […]

How soda, sports drinks and energy drinks affect your teeth

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Hello again! This is Laura Geiger from Southeast Family Dental. Today I want to discuss sodas and other drinks that are harmful to your teeth. As most people know, regular sodas or pops are very harmful to your teeth because of the large amount of sugar they contain. But did you know that other very […]

Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) – Part 1

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The following program is presented by the Injury Prevention Institute of the Emergency Nurses Association “SBIRT” stands for screening. How often you drink on a weekly basis Brief Intervention When you do drink, how many days? And referral to treatment. How many drinks you have at that time, how many days a week you drink. […]

How a Disgusting Alcohol Could Save Our Bees

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Over the last decade, North America has lost nearly half of all its bees. Europe has lost nearly a quarter. And when I say lost I’m not talking about your child in a supermarket. These bees are dead. Which is a huge problem. We rely on bees for all sorts of things. Bees pollinate nearly […]

Visiting COMOX VALLEY + WINE TASTING 🍷🍇 | Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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in today’s video we continue our Vancouver Island road trip in partnership with trover this time doing a little exploring along the Comox area this was another exciting day that featured our closest bear encounter to date a chance visit to a winery owned by a famous Hollywood film director and some fun at a […]