How to Save Smelly Wine – Chemistry Life Hacks

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CHEMISTRY LIFE HACKS HOW TO SAVE A SPOILED BOTTLE OF WINE So you’ve had a brutal day, and earned yourself a moment to breathe, take a seat, and enjoy a glass of wine from that lonely bottle that’s been waiting for you. You crack it open, pour yourself a glass only to find that your […]

Bordeaux Wine Tasting: St. Emilion 2009 – Wine Oh TV

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[Upbeat Jazzy Music] [Corks Popping] – The best of Bordeaux have come to the Bay. – I worked for six years as a wine maker in Saint-Emilion, so coming back to see old friends and taste what’s been going on since then and quite a lot with two vintages like 2009 and 2010 in Bordeaux […]

Korean Street Fried Chicken

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Well folks is time to kick it old school Uh, So you can feel cool Yeah Hi guys, I’m Seonkyoung Longest. Welcome to Asian at Home, and today I’m going to show you another Korean Street food the recipe. Yes! ‘Cause you guys want it so bad! Okay, so what I’m gonna show you today […]

Big Little Lies: Coffee Shop (Season 2 Episode 1 Clip) | HBO

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-Hi! -MARY LOUISE WRIGHT: Hi! -Madeline. -Madeline! -Yes. -It’s so nice to see you again. I’m Celeste’s friend, yes. -How’ve you been? -Good, good. The kids are good. -How’re you? -I can’t complain. Actually I can. My son is dead. But Celeste tells me that you continue to be so helpful with her and the […]

The Best Wines for the Holidays!

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(humming) Ooh! (singing) Merry Christmas to me, merry Christmas to me… Hey man, forget about that boring elf on a shelf. I’m the elf in a chair… and I’ve got booze! For today’s Quick Sip, I’m delivering easy-to-find and affordable holiday wines, and the great news is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty, […]

Phil & Derek’s Restaurant

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welcome back guys if you’re looking for a cool new place to have brunch or some nice drinks there’s a new restaurant and jazz lounge called Phil and Derek’s in southeast Houston that you have got to know about joining us now are the owners Jon and Sean cruise along with Chef Kenan Williams thank […]

MYSURU’S favourite Andhra-Style BIRYANI At HOTEL RRR | Chilli Chicken |Mutton Pepper Fry | Biryani

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Mmmh! I’m moaning in pleasure and pain! Mmmh! One tasty biryani! Mysuru loves its biryani and that’s no surprise, because in Karnataka we love our biryani! And the biryani that is most popular here in Mysuru… … at least so it seems, is the biryani that’s served at Hotel RRR. Now, this restaurant has been […]

Red wine apple gremolata and caramel apple butter carrots

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We are back in Sunnyside at Bon Vino’s, a friendly local spot with a unique and fresh breakfast and lunch menu. The ingredients that the chef uses. Everything is fresh. It’s one of the places in town that have a good variety of food. We try to add a little more to the community and […]

Quick Sips Wine Tips: 3 Wines to Try With Chili and Stews

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All this cold weather got you feeling chilly? No worries. I have the answer to your problems! Chili. Literally, like, a bowl of chili! On today’s quick sips we’re gonna talk about wines that most excellently with chilis and stews. Now I’m hungry. Let’s go eat people! Chilis and winter stews are big, bold, spicy, […]

Robinsons Old Tom Chocolate and Ginger – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits

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What’s up! Everybody welcome back to FairgroundsTV I’m your host Peter Moeller. Today we have something from Robinsons. We have their chocolate. It’s malt beverage with chocolate added. And this is their ginger, it’s a malt beverage with ginger root and pear juice. So I’m gonna start with the pear and ginger. Um, wow, this […]