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how to use a wind corkscrew in this video I’ll be showing you how to select the best winged corkscrew the best method for removing the capsule proper corkscrew placement so you don’t break that court and how to use leverage to remove that cork like a pro this is a winged corkscrew aka 11 […]

Is Naltrexone Effective for Alcohol Abuse – David Sack MD

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The second treatment ever approved for the treatment of alcohol dependency was Naltrexone. Naltrexone is a very interesting drug. Naltrexone doesn’t do anything to alcohol directly. This is one of those systems where we’re affecting alcohol cravings by manipulating a system that is connected to the nervous system. That system is the opioid system. And […]

DIY Christmas Decoration – How to Reuse Old Wine Bottle for Home Decor | Best Out of Waste Craft!

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How to Make Beautiful Bottle Decoration for Home Decor This is a recycled craft that is turned into a very attractive DIY Home Decoration This Room Decoration craft looks royal and ethnic. Things You Need… Adhesive, Empty Bottle, Thread, Acrylic Black & White Paint, Brush, Golden Spray Color Decorative Flowers, Pearls, Golden Beads, Scissors, Glue […]

Top Vinyards | Colchagua Valley | Wine Tour, Chile

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We’re in Santa Cruz three hours south Drive of Santiago in the heart of the chilean wine region. We’re staying at the Noi blend hotel which we’ll show you a bit about later but today’s main event is a vineyard tour. we are going to four different wineries and we’re going to be sampling loads […]

Food Forward: Chinese Wine

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When I drink wines I try to know about them Sometimes there’s a glass of wine that gives you goosebumps. It’s so exciting The altitude is 1200 meters here The temperature difference between day and night is huge. The sunlight is very strong during the day time It is very cool and comfortable at night […]

What would happen if you didn’t drink water? – Mia Nacamulli

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Water is virtually everywhere, from soil moisture and ice caps, to the cells inside our own bodies. Depending on factors like location, fat index, age, and sex, the average human is between 55-60% water. At birth, human babies are even wetter. Being 75% water, they are swimmingly similar to fish. But their water composition drops […]

Introducing Kingfisher Instant Beer | Best Beer Anytime, Anywhere | Cheers!

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Beer is not the answer Beer is the question Yes is the answer! I want someone to look at me, The way I look at beer Beer, the best damn drink in the world Because beer makes everything better! You can’t buy happiness but you can buy beer, And that’s kind of the same thing! […]

Beer in Video Games

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Beer [song with “beer” as pitched sample playing melody] Beer Beer Beer [repeated in time to music, slowly growing more deranged] [terrible, terrible music] Back in my highs… college days uhhuhu tomfoolery, when I didn’t, uh, drop out, I was known to frequent the Summer Shandies. The Edward Forty Handies. The Midnight Moonlight. Bud Light, […]

How to Cheat and WIN a Drinking Race!

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This week, we’re going to win a race. And we’re not even going to cheat! We’re going to cheat. I mean, it’s “Scam School.” This lovable rapscallion brought you by Welcome to the only show that was born from the make out session between a bookie and the clown– “Scam School,” the only show […]

What Would You Do: Friends push girl to drink to excess | WWYD

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I am so proud of you, birthday girl Four shots the first place, five shots the second, you’re getting there! 21 shots on your 21st birthday! We all did it Guys I don’t know if I can. Just can’t wimp out now if you only turn 21 once bartender A round of tequila shot, Por […]