Craft Beer: Brew’s Your Daddy

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There was a time when Australians didn’t have much choice in beer. So, what’ve you got? VB on tap VB in a can, or special edition VB in a cask! What am I, the Queen? But now thanks to the rise of “craft beer” our choices seem endless And this is the Algernon Hopsworths IPA; […]

Five Beer Styles You Need To Know | Craft Beer Boys | Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube

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Hi guys! Welcome to Drinks Tube, and welcome to the pub! We’re the Craft Beer Boys, yes we’re professional beer drinkers and we’re here to talk you through all the different styles of beer, from IPA, to Wheat beer, to Stout, to Mild. This is a larger, and i’m a larger drinker, i’m sitting at […]

Elderton Wines Brand Film

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Wine it’s an incredible thing, a thing that can transform your life, it’s a living thing almost. A winery that you love drinking the wines, it just gives you such a great feeling; it is phenomenally unique. Elderton Wines began when our parents started the winery in 1982. It was an incredible twist of fate, […]

How to Create Your Own Beer At Home

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>>This episode of the Modern Rogue brought to you by Hullo Pillow!>>Go to and try it risk free for 60 nights. >>Spoiler alert, you’re not going to send it back. >>You’re not.>>You’re just going to hug it every night, and you’ll go [snoring] I love you Hullo Pillow!>>Do it, there’s no shame, feels good. […]

Palm Wine Tapping Munnar || Palmyra Palm Juice || Health Benefits Of Palm Wine || Healthy Flavours

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You all will be curious to know where Iam. Yes Iam at Marakkanam village in Idukki district, where this famous palm wine toddy shop is situated. Star of todays video is Palm wine Fresh and pure palm wine is served here Natures purest form of water is found in palm wine Even if we try […]

Beer Mug with a Built-In Bottle Opener | Vat19 Music Video

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Oh wow, this place is so authentic. I feel like I’m in a Colin Farrell movie Uh. Excuse me barkeep? A pint of your finest, Irish stout for me and my lass here. (in Irish accent)I can help you with that. Whoa, thanks, where did you get that mug? At, me pop and pour. I’ll […]

18th Century Energy Drink – Switchel 18th Century Cooking S6E1

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Have you ever found yourself on a hot summer day, you’ve worked hard, you played really hard, and you’re rung out. You really need something to drink, well today, we’re going to be making a thousand-year-old energy drink that was popular in the 18th century. Thanks for joining us today on 18th century cooking with […]

Cherry & Red Wine Cobbler Recipe

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(“Dio e Zingaro” by Municipale Balcanica) – Hi, I’m Jerry James Stone and you’re watching “Cooking Stoned”. In today’s episode I’m going to make this amazing… I think I use the word amazing probably too much, but it is amazing, I swear! So, it’s an amazing, boozy cherry cobbler. Now, before I get started, I […]

SUB/LG DIOS Wine Holiday 행사에 다녀 온 하루 (with 존박, 신아영)

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I was invited to LG DIOS Wine Class. I usually like wine, so I prepare with high expectations. I wear accessories to match grey+wine dress code I’m leaving for the party. This is the venue with a pleasant atmosphere at the end of the year. Today I have a time here to learn and enjoy […]

Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Fabric

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Hi, my name is Rachel Youens and I’m a freelance fashion journalist and the owner of Austin Style street fashion site and we’re going to discuss how to get a wine stain out of light colored material. Now, if you’re messy like me, you spill red wine a lot. So, we’re going to put […]