Drinking or Not Drinking alcohol in Clubs. Pros / Cons

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U know guys, i should probably say now that alcohol is a bad thing, that its evil and things of that sort,,,,, or, maybe I should say its a wonderful thing, and everybody should do it, so which one it is then.. well, the thing is that, personally, I respect alcohol just as much as […]

Stainless Barossa Wine Opener – Q43386

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So, I’m a bit of a wine-o. (Drunk Slur) You can’t just put up a sign that says “Real work” and act like you’re working, thsnthowwitworks.” But it’s tough to enjoy my wine when I’m struggling to get the bottle open in the first place. Solution, the Stainless Barossa Wine Opener. It’s classy. And yeah, […]

COSMETICS Side Effects | Harmful Makeup Materials | The Healthiest

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{rtf1ansiansicpg1252deff0deflang1033{fonttbl{f0fnilfcharset0 Calibri;}} {*generator Msftedit;}viewkind4uc1pardsa200sl276slmult1lang9f0fs22 Cosmetics side effects par Welcome to the Healthiest!par One should know that happiness is the best makeup. Cosmetics, they have become the need of society. People spend monthly on these and the amount of variety is so high that cosmetics are available for different seasons and climates as well. par […]

Food Stylist Shows How to Make A Beautiful Charcuterie Board | Meat and Cheese Board for New Year’s

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– Just so we’re all aware of what my game plan is, I’m definitely gonna stab this cheese with a serving knife at some point. That will give your guests an incentive to cut the cheese themselves. Cut the cheese themselves. I’m a food stylist. Consider me a makeup artist for food. I take boring, […]

This is the BEST way to see Japan: The Nakasendo Way | LOCALS. | Travel + Leisure

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Japan is not big country but we have many things mountains forests waterfalls many foreigners didn’t expect Japan is so mountainous but actually 80% of Japan is mountain Mountains are very special for us nakasendo literally means central mountain road nakasendo way is a old highway that links Kyoto and the Tokyo walking turn at […]

Parents and Kids Play Truth or Drink (Monica & Leilani) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Do you perform oral sex on dad? I know you do. Do you receive it? (laughing) – He’s gonna kill me. (symphonic music) Ready? – Yes. – Go. Monica, and I’m her mother. – And I’m Leilani, and she’s my mom. Yes. – Yeah. – Oh, yeah. – Oh, don’t say that. (laughing) If […]

Couples in Long Distance Relationships Play Truth or Drink (Ryan & CJ) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– On the count of three, respond yes or no, will we get married? – [Producer] One, two, three. – Yes. – Hello. – We’ve been dating recently for seven months. I’m in Seattle and CJ’s in the Philippines. We met at Costco. I saw her and, for the first time in a long time, […]


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how to use an electric wine opener well the electric wine opener is probably the easiest wine opener to use it’s pretty foolproof all you really have to do is remove the capsule push a button and you’re on your way it’s actually a great gift for elderly individuals who might have problems with arthritis […]

Texas Wine Teaser – Drew Tallent

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So much of the Hill Country is dreamers. Most people want to be in the wine business, and as soon as they get a little dose of the vineyard they don’t want anything to do with it. If they could just buy the fruit somewhere and be in the wine business thats what they’d want […]

Alcohol and Diabetes | How Alcohol Could Lower Blood Sugar

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Alcohol and diabetes / How Alcohol could lower blood sugar Believe it or not, alcohol consumption actually decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes among older women. It´s sound absurd. Because for the longest time, we have believed that alcohol has no real benefits. However, recently, a study has found that drinking moderate amounts of […]