Why Does Lord Shiva Smoke Weed and Drink Alcohol?

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Hey guys, today let’s take a look at why Lord Shiva is portrayed as smoking weed and drinking alcohol. In fact, we have a temple called Kaal Bhairav temple in which Lord Shiva is fed alcohol every day. There is a mouth carved in the lingam, and alcohol is poured through it as a ritual. […]

DIY Drinking Glasses from a Beer Bottle

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Today on household hacker, an oldie but goodie. Drinking glasses from beer bottles. To make your own customized drinking glasses, you really don’t need too many materials. We’ll start with a little tupperware container and place it on a sturdy countertop. Next we’ve got to get a flammable liquid as we will be essentially weakening […]

A Man Drank 2 Liters Moonshine In 2 Hours. This Is What Happened To His Eyes.

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A man drank two liters of moonshine in two hours. This is what happened to his eyes. “CS” is a 31 year old man presenting to the emergency room with body pain, nausea, and blurred vision. He tells the admitting nurse that he slept poorly the previous night, and suffered severe abdominal cramps before seeing […]

What’s the difference between Lager and Pilsner beer?

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Hey guys, it’s Christian from Frank About Beer. And one question we get quite a bit is what’s the difference between lagers and pilsners? And, to be honest, they’re very similar in many respects. So if you think of beers in general, there are two essential types: you have ales and lagers. And 95% of […]

My Rich Elite Friend and I Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– How was our upbringings different? – How? Well, the fact that you said was rather than were. How was our upbringings different? You fucking mong. (“Serenade No.13 in G Major” by Amadeus Mozart) Hello. I’m the Honorable Tom Horton and I live in the Tower of London. – And I’m Elliot Stool and I […]

Poached Pears in Red Wine – Easy Dessert Recipe

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Bienvenidos to everyone! This is Albert with Spain on a Fork ok today we´re going to be making a beautiful and tasty dessert that´s perfect after any great meal I´m going to show you guys how to make Poached Pears in Red Wine now this is a very typical dessert here in Spain and it´s […]

Wines Cote Rotie Duclaux – Fine red wine of the northern Rhone valley

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Fine red wine of the northern Rhone valley David, I’m going to have you taste a wine that was aged for 20 months on the lees in a French oak cask. We don’t use much new oak; we really try to get the full expression of the terroir. We are going to taste our main […]

Radioactive Iodine Therapy to Treat Thyroid Cancer

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(Music) Welcome back, Radioactive Iodine has been used successfully as a therapy for Thyroid disease for more than 50 years. Today, a treatment OPTION AIMED AT improving patient outcomes in Thyroid Cancer. Take a look. The minute I heard the word cancer, I immediately went to death sentence. They found out I had something weird […]

TWTV Episode 47 Red wines for white wine drinkers

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Hi Jerome from Trailblazing Wine, TWTV, offering hints and tips to help you get the most enjoyment out of your wines. Now, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been at various taste workshops for food and wine for both trade and consumer, and it does surprise me actually, the number of people when you […]

Why So Many Americans Are Drinking Toxic Water | AJ+

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Most people just assume their water is safe to drink… Until, it’s not. This administration has failed us. What happened in Flint, Michigan in 2014, made water crises in other cities much harder to ignore. You need to get your water tested. This is a national issue. Lead has been showing up in drinking water […]