What is Addiction Medicine? Craig Wellness & Recovery | Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Canton, GA

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What is Addiction Medicine? Dr James Craig | Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation in Canton & Marietta GA. good morning again this is dr. Craig from Craig wellness and recovery and it occurred to me recently that many of the people that are getting these videos may not understand exactly what we do here at Craig […]

Truth or Drink Engaged Couples | Solo (Marcos & Danny) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What is your honest opinion about my family? – Oh god. (laughs) I love them. They’re a little too much. I love you guys. – Who? – Who? – Who is too much? – I love them. They’re amazing. (classical music) My name is Marcos. – My name is Danny. And we are fiances. […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Red Wine You didn’t Know

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10 Amazing Benefits of Red Wine You didn’t Know Drinking a glass of red wine a day can do a lot for your health. But remember, everything should be in balance and moderation. A daily glass of this natural and delicious elixir complements your food and can significantly improve your well-being. In today’s article, we’ll […]

Top Things to do in Malmö, Sweden! – Beer Garden, Disgusting Food Museum, Food Market and More!

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Down the hatch Tastes like garlic feet -Good morning adventurers -Good morning! from a windy day here in Malmo, Sweden It’s so windy Yeah, we found like the one corner that wasn’t a wind tunnel like everywhere else in the city right now But other than that, it’s a lovely day the Sun is mostly […]

Is Beer Giving You Man Boobs?

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Mmm, IPAs. That bold, flavorful beer style that picks you up, calms you down, and gives you moobs. Wait, what? Hello everyone, Julian here for DNews. In the not too distant past, IPAs were all but unheard of. Suddenly within the last 5 years though, they’ve been revived in a major way by craft beer […]

【Eng Sub】紅葡萄酒 家庭釀造天然發酵 Homemade Red Wine Recipe

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點開播放器的「字幕」>「關閉」就可以看到中文字幕 If you need Sub in other languages, click CC, auto-translate, select a language Rinse wide mouth glass jar. Simmer in boiling water for 10 minutes Dry in oven at 100°C Day 1 Remove any rotten grapes Rinse the fruit thoroughly under running water 10 minutes DO NOT rub the the skin, since fruit has […]

Easy Chicken Recipe: With Red Wine Sauce

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hey guys welcome to absolute Foody. in this week’s vlog we’re gonna show you how to make an easy and quick delicious chicken recipe so welcome. okay so this weekend we’ve decided to come away and we didn’t have a lot of ingredients laying around what we’ve done in traditional sort of Mediterranean style which […]

What to Do When You Spill Red Wine!

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You are in the middle of a hilarious story. Everyone is laughing. You’re waving your arms around to embellish your point..and BOOM…you spill your wine on the table, on your dining companion’s shirt, on the rug. What do you do? I have tried pretty much every method of red wine stain removal from salt, to […]

Musical Beers with The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer

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-The game works like musical chairs but instead of diving into empty chairs, we’re grabbing these red cups of beer. When the music stops, one person will be left empty-happened. They are out of the game and have to hang out with our deejay, DJ Mark Duane, upstage. There he is. DJ Mark Duane. [ […]

Royal Caribbean Drink Package loophole * NEW FOR 2019 *

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disclaimer some viewers might find this video to be unethical let’s just get this started in this video we’re gonna tell you the best way to get your money’s worth when you purchased the drink package on Royal Caribbean cruise first we’re going to quickly explain the packages there are three of them first you […]