[HOONIGAN] A BEER WITH: Leah Pritchett

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(can hisses) (relaxed music) – I drive a Top Fuel dragster in the NHRA. (car engines revving) – [Commentator] It’s gonna be Leah Pritchett! (slow motion rumbling) – 909, Southern California, Inland Empire. Nice little diamond in the rough, what I consider. I may have a high affinity for some rap music. Tupac. Oh, did […]

Portuguese Wine Tourism

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Wise men always say that some things are not meant to pair Are we supposed to believe in that? What if we look at them with different eyes? The eyes that penetrate deep into things. Do you ever gaze at the shape of a wave? And at the shape of a grape? They are both […]

Tasting My First Butter Beer!

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Goooood Morning!!! Florida! Good morning, Orlando!! We have a day off here today, and it is Supremely sunny. And I for one, am very very happy about that except I can’t see anything.. I keep having to close my eyes, but It is a glorious day out today. We are parked.. Near stuff.. I don’t […]

How Do Hand Sanitizers Work?

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Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the ubiquitous little squeeze-bottle heroes of airports and hospitals, our allies against the flu and supposedly effective against all the things that ail ya. But what’s in there? And is it true that they kill 99.99% of germs, as popular brands claim? Most popular hand sanitizers are alcohol-based. The active ingredient […]

How to tell if the palpitations you are getting are serious or not

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Hello my name’s Sanjay Gupta I’m a cardiologist in York and today I thought I’d do a little video on the subject of palpitation, palpitations are really common symptom that I see in my clinic and majority of palpitations are not serious, the big worry when people experienced palpitation is whether they may have a […]

How One Family Has Kept the Beer Flowing for Over 150 Years

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(playful instrumental music) – [Narrator] This is the town of Chippewa Falls, nestled along the Chippewa River in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. It’s home to the Leinenkugel family and the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company. Brewer of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy and one of the oldest breweries in America. So what’s it take for one family […]

Primitive Fermented Queen Palm Drink

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The queen palm is native to South America but has been introduced to temperate climates around the world The ripe fruit falls to the ground so I am using my baskets to collect it while it is still on the tree These baskets were made from spiny rush and common cattail leaves I clean the […]

Chemistry of Beer – Unit 1 – Overview of Brewing

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>>Beer is one of the oldest beverages known to man. We have tabulations, written documents, of brewing to the fourth century BC. If we think about where it came from, it was probably an accident. All we needed was a sugar and wild yeast, and the yeast could convert that sugar into alcohol, which of […]

Bison Steak with Red Wine Shallot Sauce

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(lighthearted instrumental music) – If you like really lean cuts of meat, then you should definitely give bison a try. It’s a little bit sweeter, but tastes really similar to beef. I’ve got a nice little recipe with shallots and red wine. First thing we’re gonna do is knock out some prep. Simply cut the […]

Photographing Beer on a White Background | PRO EDU Free Tutorial

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(rock music) – Alright, so personally I’m very happy with this first shot, that first beer was very challenging. The glass shape itself caused a lot of problems even for a seasoned photographer. I hope you found a lot of good lessons in there. We had to really accommodate for the shape. There were curves […]