How to Drink Absinthe

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How To Get Rid of Beer Foam Fast

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Party foul! You pour a beer but it’s more head than body. Don’t want to get a foam mustache? Chemistry’s got your back. So say you pour a beer but it’s all foam. Do you wait? Try to drink through it? Grab a straw. Just kidding. There is a better way. Find something oily like […]

A Guide to Red Wine : Why is it Good to Tan Wine?

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Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabok, and we are here on behalf of Expert Village. You should have red wine and fine wine. The basic difference of course, the color but also when you taste the wine you can tell the different flavors. Like Teniz, which is also an important preservative in the red wine […]

A Guide to Red Wine : Types of Red Wine: Weninger from Kekfrankos

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Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabsk. We are here on behalf of Expert Village. This wine is one of my favorite wines. You can say this is a nice everyday wine. It’s made from Kekfrankos grape variety which is the most widely-planted grape variety in Hungary. The vintage year is 2005, so it’s a quite […]

Game of Thrones “Shade of the Evening” | How to Drink

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– This is How To Drink, the show about making cocktails and how to drink them. I’m Greg and I have never been a professional bartender. I’ve never even had a job in a bar. I don’t worry too much about precision and technique because at the end of the day, if a drink you […]

Boring Beer for Boring People | CH Shorts

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– [Narrator] You work hard, and when it’s time to cut loose, you suck at it because you’re boring. From the sad sacks who brought you 64 calorie beer and skinny margaritas, comes Boring Beer. It’s a new, low calorie beer for people who can’t allow themselves to feel pleasure once in a while. Boring […]

How to Open a Beer with a Lighter

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3 Craft Beer Shandy Recipes | Tim Anderson

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Hi everybody, welcome to Drinks Tube, I’m Tim and today we’re talking all about shandies. Now, everybody loves a shandy, even people who don’t admit it. It’s fizzy soft drink, it’s delicious beer, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s refreshing, it’s lovely. We’re here at a beer festival in East London, where we’ve got […]

Does Beer Actually Help Breastfeeding?

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We all know that it’s a bad idea to drink alcohol when you’re pregnant – it can cause problems with the pregnancy and with the baby’s health. But have you heard from people that it might be okay, or even helpful, for a mother to drink beer while breastfeeding? Some people say drinking beer supposedly […]

How to Pour a Perfect Draft Beer – Bar Rescue, Season 4

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How’s everybody doing this afternoon? Both: Good. From what I’ve heard about the recon, these guys lack the basic bartending skills to get this done.These guys have spent enough timemaking mistakes pouring beers,pouring Andrea’s money down the drain.So, they’re going to have to start from the beginning and relearn things like draft beer pouring. From […]