Cheap Mixed Drinks You Should Always Order At A Bar

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It’s easy to run up a hefty bar tab if you’re not careful, but you can still find mixed drinks at your price point if you’re in the mood for a cocktail. Try ordering one of these cheap mixed drinks that taste delicious and won’t break the bank. Rum is a great liquor to order […]

Why millennials are increasingly choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle

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JUDY WOODRUFF: And finally tonight: a budding movement that suggests changes in millennials’ relationship with alcohol. Hari Sreenivasan has our story from New York. HARI SREENIVASAN: New York City, Times Square. This party started just before sunrise. For more than five years, Daybreaker has hosted these early morning events around the world. People come out […]

Trying the BEST Beer in America | Worth the Wait?

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BEST TIPS for Labeling Craft Beer Bottles and Cans

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Hi I’m Gregg with Consolidated Label here today to talk about craft beer and how you can create a packaging look that catches the eye on store shelves. Craft beer has shaken up the beer market, but that growing popularity also means far more competition. While design is clearly important, the choice of materials makes […]

August von Mackensen in WW2, Stolen Wine, and America – WW2 – Out of the Foxholes 007

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I’m Indy Neidell and this is Out of The Foxholes, where I sit here in the Chair of Infinite Knowledge and answer all your questions about the second world war. Jakob Reinholdsson asks- Was there a short supply of French and Italian wines for the allies during the war? Um… yeah! After June 1940, the […]

Cyn – Drinks

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Alcohol & Me: A Love Story – From 30 Years Drinking Every Day to Two Full Years Sober Today 🙏🏼♥️😊

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Part 2: What happens after you take your first sip of beer?

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When you take your first sip of… Say, beer … it of course ends up in your stomach. What happens next depends a lot on whether you’ve eaten or not. If you have eaten, the alcohol is effectively trapped in your stomach while it works to break up the solid food. Alcohol can be absorbed […]

Raleigh Beer Garden: Record for Most Beers on Tap | Localish

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Anti-drink drive campaign – a mother’s story

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Sam was such a character Sam was such a character he was so full of life My phone never stopped ringing he was always texting and all his friends said the same and all his friends said the same If they got a phone call at 2am – that was Sam he was so full […]