How Some Medications and Alcohol Hurt Your Sleep

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unfortunately there are many medications that can interfere with your ability to sleep it could be that your insomnia is nothing more than unwanted saw its side effects of a medication that you’re taking to help you with a separate problem. But because there are so many factors that can affect sleep it’s important to […]

The greatest threat to the world, hangover free alcohol and NSA fallout – Truthloader

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Hey everyone it’s Monday so usually you’d be staring at Sam’s face right now but he’s actually away learning to be a samurai in Japan with the green Power Ranger, genuinely. Here’s a photo. Anyway, this week we’ve got your comments as always. We’ve got officials falling out over Edward Snowden’s leaks and what’s the […]

Demoman drinks a lot

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I just drank… *burp* thousand bottles of Scrumpy! Why do you still look so sober?! Cause that’s not enough! Still not enough.

the furry that drinks WAY too much at cons

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What do you mean I’m an alcoholic? 10 a.m. is a perfect time to start drinking! (jazzy music) I’m not drunk you’re drunk! What am i drinking? Just water! I’m not loud, you’re loud! Where did my cup go? Where did my shirt go? This literally hasn’t happened to me before. Okay guys, fun new […]

The ‘Full House’ When D.J. Got Busted Not Drinking Beer

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– [Narrator] The fam serenades Michelle with Baby Beluga, woof. D.J. and Kimmy wisely rush past that nightmare. They’re busy planning the school dance. They celebrate, booking a shitty band. Kimmy tells D.J. to invite Kevin to this dance they’re ruining but since D.J. is a coward, Stephanie calls for her. Kevin says with no […]

America’s Drinking Age Makes No Sense – The Jim Jefferies Show

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We began tonight’s show talking about drugs. So now, to take the edge off, we turn to drinking… specifically binge drinking and where a lot of that drinking happens, fraternities. First of all, let me just say fraternities are one of those American things that, as a foreigner, I just don’t understand it. They’re exclusive […]

Lauren Drinks Fireball Whiskey

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– Have you heard of Fireball? Do you know about Fireball? [cheers and applause] Wow. Wow. It’s popular, isn’t it. It’s cinnamon whiskey, and some stores in the UK are recalling Fireball because it turns out it has an ingredient that is also found in antifreeze. [audience murmuring] Mm-hmm. That’s true. And the FDA is […]


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The Most Potent Phytoestrogen is in Beer

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Alcohol Rehab Detox | 877-648-1344 | Alcoholism Intervention Counseling

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if you are someone you love suffers from drug or alcohol addiction now as the time t_v_ utilize your private health insurance p_p_o_ plane if you receive thrity two thousand dollars for more in substance abuse benefits he’ll have low arnelle out-of-pocket costs we quickly help you verify your health insurance coverage amount for substance […]