My Favourite Alcohol Drinks Recipe | 我的私房酒单 | 莫吉托 | 桑格利亚水果酒

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I love to have a drink with my friends when I’m in a bad mood I’d like to share with you the recipes of my favourite alcohol drinks May you be blessed by the world with all its tenderness Good night, sweet dreams

Low Calorie Alcoholic Beverages, Lowest Calorie Alcohol

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Low-calorie alcoholic beverages is Alcohol killing your diet There’s no question that drinking alcohol can get in the way of your weight loss the standard 1.5 ounce serving of 80-proof alcohol has 96 calories This is even before you add any mixers and most of us aren’t just drinking straight liquor the juices Syrups and […]

6 Banned Alcoholic Drinks

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6 Banned Alcohol Drinks. 6, Five Wives Vodka. In June 2012, The Idaho State Liquor Division banned the sale of Utah-produced Five Wives Vodka claiming it was “offensive” to the State’s prominent Mormon population. The product, which features five women dressed in Mormon attire hitching their skirts up on its label, was launched in November […]

Top 10 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Beer || బీరు వల్ల ఇన్ని లాభాలు ఉన్నయా! | With Subtitles

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Hi, friends! Welcome to TFC Media Planet Leaf… Few drunkards say that the one who does not drink alcohol is equal to a bull. Many people who got connected with this word, will be drinking alcohol bottle after the bottle. As the coming season is summer, all the drunkards would like to have beer mostly. […]