Sutter Home Sweet Red

By Brian Lemay 1 comment

We are please to introduce Sutter Home’s
newest crowd-pleaser, Sutter Home Sweet Red. It’s simple, easy-drinking and perfect for
a summer night when you want a red but the rising temperatures say otherwise. Wine styles
are always changing and it’s hard enough to keep up with the world today. Sutter Home
Sweet Red eliminates the confusion. It should be fun, and all these choices take up time
better spent enjoying the bottle contents. Sweet Red takes Merlot, for times when you
want to be classy, Zinfandel, for that extra bit of sass, and Moscato, for the comfort
of a wine meant to be enjoyed anytime, and blends them together to create a new take
on some trusted favorites. It’s just red and it’s just delicious.

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Emmett Temple

Aug 8, 2019, 6:49 am Reply

Sutter Home Sweet Red is all I drink. I love it!

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