Student Life – Olivia Lee (Canada & Hong Kong) Wine & Management Diploma | Le Cordon Bleu Paris

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Hi my name is Olivia Lee I’m actually
from Vancouver Canada three years ago I came to Paris and I sign up for the Grand Diplôme programme. that was one of my most interesting experience.
Welcome to the student lounge, that’s the place that everybody gathered during the day or in between classes. I must show you my favorite classroom for which we
spend the day here most of the time welcome! I made a lot of new friends and
also open up myself up to the world of gastronomy where I meet a lot of chefs
and understand the real French culture and cooking all means. Being in
Paris is one of the most amazing experience. Every day when I go out
outside of school I am immersed in all the different type of French culture
whether it is the creativity or historical aspect of it. Le Cordon Bleu
in Paris is just my natural choice because this programme offers the best of
the entire gastronomy, as well as learning going deep dive and having a
very comprehensive immersion for the wine world. For the technical aspect of it we are
actually exposing a topic that talk about viniculture, oenology as well as moving on to how to commercialize the wine establish our own
business, this is very comprehensive I I really like a lot! One of my best memory
of this programme is really our trip to Cognac, whereby we visited 8 different
houses of Cognac and we understand how different types and different philosophy
of Cognac how are they made Student life here is everydays extremely
exciting and extremely fulfill. We also have the opportunity to network with a lot of the wine world experts! We have a very international class we’re able to exchange ideas, different culture, different perspective about wines!
I’m loving this programme everyday! We do have to participate in three different internships for which for the very first one I do have the opportunity to be at
Bordeaux working with the winemaker during the harvest seasons. I also have
the opportunity to work in Moët Hennessy whereby I participate in commercial and
also innovation projects. When I finish this programme, I’m planning to take
everything I learned from the technical aspect and the commercial aspect to
China for which I would like to create a business concept to spread the idea that
wine is actually part of a lifestyle, is not for celebration and everybody should
be enjoying wine with pleasure in a very simple way every day

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