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Ro: Hey guys it’s Ro, today I’m hanging
out with my friend Justine! Justine: Hi! Ro: I love this gal! Justine: I love you! Ro: Earlier this year, we played the Starbucks
Challenge, and I had so much Ro: fun, it was amazing! And I got so many requests from you guys to play Ro: another one. So, we teamed up with Starbucks to make this video for you guys. Ro: Today we are going to playing The Starbucks
Challenge, Part Two doh! Justine: Two! Justine: I can’t believe we’re doing it
again, I’m so excited. Ro: I know, me too, there’s so many flavors! And, we’re in a new season. Justine: Fall season is here! Ro: I have my fingers crossed for some flavors Ro: that may be coming, but, Justine and I
do not know which flavors were Ro: picked out, we had our friends go pick
out 10 different Starbucks drinks. Ro: And we will be blindfolded, and we have
to guess the flavors! Ro: If we guess it right, we get a point. Ro: Fun fact, some of you may not know that
I am from Seattle, I grew up there Ro: and that is home of the original Starbucks. Justine: It is, and every time I go to Seattle
that is on my to-do list! Ro: If you ever travel to Seattle I highly
suggest you go check out the Ro: original Starbucks, it is so cool! And every time I see one, it reminds me Ro: of home, it reminds me of Seattle. Ro: May the best, Starbucks drink taste… Both: Tester…. Justine: Win… Ro: Guesser, win! Ro: Alright, it’s time for our very first
drink. Justine: You know what, I think this might
be an iced drink. Ro: Girl I think you’re right! Ro: Let’s taste! Justine: Let me smell, oooh, it smells fruity. Ro: Mmmmm! Justine: Oh my! Ro: That’s a fruit! Justine: I think I know what this one is! Justine: I’m gonna pronounce it wrong though. Ro: Would you say that this is… Refreshing!? Ro: Oh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Ro: Oh, OK, I know it’s a refresher… Justine: Yes, refresher. Ro: There’s 2 pink refreshers and I’m
trying to remember which one. Justine: Yeah, but you can’t see it, so
you don’t know what color it is… Ro: But I… Justine: Does it taste like a pink color? Ro: Oh yeah. Ro: We’re gonna guess on 3… Justine: OK. Ro: 1, Both: 2, 3… Ro: Hibiscus… Justine: Strawberry Fresh…. Ro: Ra… Refresher! Ro: Hibiscus berry… Justine: Very Berry… Ro: Raspberry… Justine: Hibiscus! Ro: Raspberry Hibiscus Refresher! Justine: Very berry! Ro: Hibiscus! Ro: Justine, Justine…. Justine: Hmmm? Ro: How do you say hibisc…. Ro: Alright, let’s take these off. Justine: OK. Justine: Berry Hibiscus! Ro: Berry… Hib…. Justine: I don’t know what I said! Justine: Alright, our second drink. Ro: Ooooh, cold… Ro: I feel like this is part of the challenge
right here. Justine: I know! Ro: Is getting this straw! Justine: OOOOOHHHHHH! Justine: Oooooooh! I smell, I smell like, a bit of chocolate. Ro: Ohhhhhhhhh! Ro: Let me taste this… Justine: Let’s, let’s taste it, ready? Ro: What is this? Justine: I’ve never had this before. Ro: It’s not a Frappuccino… Justine: Hmmm-mmm. Ro: Girl is this a smoothie? Justine: Yeah, should we guess? Because I think I’ve got a guess! Ro: I think I have a guess too! Both: Chocolate Banana Smoothie! Ro: Ah, let’s see! Justine: Chocolate smoothie. Ro: Chocolate smoothie! Oh yeah, oh yeah! Justine: Ooooh, finally a warm one. Ro: Ooooh! I like this, this reminds me Ro: of fall already! OK let’s smell it. Ro: OH! Justine: I’m not sure what this is…. Ro: This tastes like a fall drink, but something’s
different. Ro: Do they make it with a different milk? Ro: They have almond milk now! Ro: So is it the classic fall time drink with
almond milk? Justine: My smell sense told me what this
was, Justine: but my taste sense got thrown off
by the potential almond milk taste. Ro: OK, we teamed up for this point, so we’ll
say what we think, ready? Justine: If we’re both right we get 2 points! Ro: Oh, let’s do it! Justine: Each! Both: Pumpkin Spice Latte with Almond Milk! Ro: That was a twist. Justine: I feel twisted! Justine: YES! TOUCHDOWN! Ro: Professional, expert Starbucks taste-testers! Ro: It is 4 to 4, and we’re on our 4th drink. Ro: It’s got a dome! Justine: It does, you know what this means… Ro: Frappuccino! Justine: I think it’s a Frappuccino! Ro: Oh it’s probably a Frappuccino! Justine: Shall we taste? Ro: Yes! Oh, bullseye! Justine: This is my favorite, I remember the
first time I had one of these, Ro: Mmmmm! Justine: It like blew my mind! Ro: Let me just get a little bit of that whipped
cream! Justine: Should we guess what it is, because I think we both know. Ro: I know what it is… Justine: Me too! Ro: I’m just eating more of this! Ro: I don’t know what it is yet, let me just, I gotta taste some more! Ro: Oh no, I ate my ring! Justine: I can’t see what you’re doing,
but I’m sure it’s great! Ro: Vanilla Frappuccino! Justine: Vanilla Bean Frappuccino! Justine: Yeah! Ro: Vanilla Frappuccino! Points! Ro: Classic! Justine: Mmmm! Ro: Yum! Justine: A go-to! Ro: This is drink number 5, and girl, I don’t
want to jinx myself, but, Ro: This is the most points I think I’ve
ever had at this point, so… Justine: Really? Ro: I’m very excited! Justine: Well this is exciting! Justine: Oh! Ro: Oh! Justine: OH! Ro: Oh! Ro: That smells like fall! Justine: I had this for the first time last year. Ro: This is so classic! Justine: I know, but I just go in, order the same thing. Ro: Wow! Justine: And I saw this on the menu and I
was like…. Yeah! Both: Hot Apple Cider! Ro: It’s Steamed Apple Juice. Justine: Oh! Ro: I think this is from the kids menu…. Justine: Is this from the kids menu? Ro: I think so! Ro: You know, we were really close, because
a steamed apple juice is very Ro: similar tasting to a steamed apple cider. Ro: Let’s give ourselves half a point. Justine: Half a point! Justine: Drink number 6! Ro: Mmmmhmmmm! Justine: Feels like another hot drink. Ro: Wait! Yours is hot? Mine’s cold! Ro: Feel it! Justine: I’m confused… Ro: Mine’s in like a Frappuccino cup. Ro: I have never tasted this before. Justine: I’m tasting a lot of things! Ro: I’m detecting a new flavor because if
Justine doesn’t know it and I Ro: don’t know it, this is new! Justine: It’s like spicy. Ro: You want to taste mine? Justine: Yeah I forgot yours is cold! Ro: I’m drinking out of yours! Justine: Oh my goodness! I just want to take my mask off so I can go order this! Justine: Do you have a guess? Ro: Yeah… Both: Uhhhhh… Justine: Wait, I don’t even know what I’m gonna
say! Ro: I’m gonna guess a flavor, using coffee
lingo. Justine: OK. Ro: Chocolate spicy… Justine: Spicy Mocha Latte. Ro: Oh wait! I didn’t use coffee lingo! Both: Spicy Mocha…. Justine: Latte! Ro: Frappuccino! Justine: Frappu, no, oh shoot yours is cold! Mine’s warm! Yes! Ro: Because mines, hot, uh, cold! Ro: Mines cold…. Ro: Let’s see what it is! Justine: OK! Justine: Chili Mocha?! Ro: I like it! Justine: I do too! Ro: Oh look at that you guys! Justine: Wow, let’s take a peek! Ro: Yeah girl, let’s get in there, what kind
of spices? Ro: So we guessed Spicy Mocha, and technically
it was a Chili Mocha… Ro: I’m gonna give us a 1/2 a point. Justine: Yes! Ro: Because it’s spices. Ro: Do you think that’s fair? Justine: I think it’s fair, especially Justine: because this is a new drink. Ro: Alright, here we go, drink number 7! Justine: Cold, no dome. Ro: Ice. Justine: Mmmm! In! Ro: Oh, uh-oh! Justine: Oh, oh, oooooh! Ro: Vanilla? Justine: Definitely vanilla! Justine: I don’t even know what this is,
but this does taste like their Justine: cold brew because there is a very
slight difference. Justine: But cold brew, they don’t use any
heat to brew it. Justine: It’s just, cold! Ro: What?! Whoa! Justine: It’s exactly what the name says! Ro: Is it a Vanill-y Iced Coffee? Or is it a Vanilla… Both: Cold Brew!? Ro: I gotta say that the fact that we’re
asking ourselves that… Ro: We are now coffee connoisseurs! Ro: We’re getting fancy, we know stuff now! Ro: Oh, don’t tell anyone… Ro: Oh this dog, you know my dog burps all
the time! Justine: Really!? Both: Vanilla…. Ro: Iced Coffee. Justine: Bean Cold Brew! Justine: Vanilla… Both: Sweet Cream Cold Brew… Ro: Justine, you get a point for that, because
not only did you know Ro: it was a vanilla coffee, but you even
knew that that was a cold brew! Justine: OK, but to be fair, you guessed that
it was vanilla, and you guessed Justine: that it was the iced coffee. But since you’ve never had their cold Justine: brew before, I think you should at
least get a half a point. Ro: Huh, yes! Ro: Yes-yes! I’ll take it! Ro: Drink number eight, eight, eight, I’m
feeling great! Ro: And I hope it’s great! And, I have fallen behind! Justine: I’m sorry! Ro: Alright, let’s try to make it up here. Ro: That was too much! Justine: That was like the biggest gulp! Justine: Did you drink the whole thing in
one sip? Ro: I got so excited and I just went too hard. Ro: Sometimes, I think I order this drink
when I want to curl up in a ball Ro: by a fireplace, read a book. Justine: This is one of my favorites! Justine: Chai Latte! Ro: Chai Tea Latte…. Chai…. Justine: Chai Tea Latte! Yay! Ro: Chai tea, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Justine: Alright, we got 2 more left, this
is drink number nine! Ro: Mmmhmmm! Justine: It’s tiny. Ro: Oh my gosh it’s my size! Justine: Little baby! Ro: Is it just espresso? Justine: I mean, usually espresso comes in smaller cups. Ro: Is this like, a triple shot though? This is a lot. Justine: I don’t know, because that, that’s a lot! Ro: I could be totally off with this, but,
I think I tasted a little milk. Justine: Espresso? Ro: Triple… Errr, Triple shot of espresso with a little milk! Both: Espresson con Panna…. Ro: Cream. Oh, that’s what the milk taste was. Ro: There’s a little bit of cream on top,
it’s very, very, very little! Ro: Justine, you guessed it was espresso,
so you get a point and I’ll get a point. Justine: OK, but I don’t think I deserve
a full point, because I did not Justine: guess the cream, or the milk, and
you definitely said it was Justine: milk. So I, I will be OK taking a half point. Ro: Justine, that is very fair of you! Ro: This is a little intense because we have
a tie score, it all comes Ro: down to this drink. It’s 8-1/2 to 8-1/2. Justine: I’m so nervous right now, because
what’s left? Justine: We’ve tasted so many drinks today. This being our second challenge, Justine: we’ve already tasted 19 drinks
off their menu, so I honestly Justine: don’t even know what’s left! Ro: Here we go, here we go! Ro: They saved a really hard one for last! Justine: I know, oh my goodness! Ro: I’m stumped! Ro: It’s some type of latte! Justine: It’s like a chai pumpkin spice
latte, whoa! Justine: I mean, nothing! Ro: A chai pumpkin!? Justine: Nothing! Ro: A coconut milk latte with… Ro: Something deeper. Ro: What is a sweet flavor that’s deep? Justine: A sweet deep flavor! Ro: What is the deep? Justine: Carmel? Caramel? Ro: Huuuhhhhh! Justine: Uh, I mean…. Ro: That’s it! Justine: NO! Definitely not! Ro: That’s a sweet flavor! Justine: Nope! It’s not! It’s not! Ro: That has some soul! Justine: Nope! Ro: That’s a deeper flavor! Justine: It’s not deep at all! Ro: Oh that’s definitely it! Both: 1, 2, 3… Justine: Vanilla, caramel, pumpkin spice latte. Ro: Caramel coconut latte, with a little vanill-y. Justine: WHAT!?! A WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA? Ro: WHAT!? Justine: WHAT!? Justine: I forgot about this drink, I used
to get this drink when I first Justine: started going to Starbucks! Justine: This was my drink! Justine: Oh my goodness! Justine: This was my Starbucks Childhood! Justine: Yep, White Chocolate Mocha, now I
taste it! Ro: Alright girl, I think we were both a little
too off to get a point to Ro: be honest. Justine: Yeah, we didn’t get it! Ro: That means we tied. Justine: We did! Ro: Since we tied, we both have to do a victory
trumpet! Ro: Bbbb-bbbb-bbbb, bbbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbbbbbbb! Justine: Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-dooooooooo! Ro: We are both winners of the Starbucks Challenge
part 2! Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting
another Starbucks Challenge, Ro: This was so much fun! And a big thank you to Justine! Justine: Thank you for having me, this is
so great! Ro: She’s like the perfect person for coffee
tasting or bev… Ro: She’s a perfect person… She’s just perfect! Ro: What was your favorite drink we tried
today? Justine: I think it was the Chili Mocha. Ro: Huh! That was, me too! Justine: Yeah, it was so good because I have
never had it before, Justine: that’s one of their new ones. Ro: Which form did you prefer it in, we’ll
say it on 3, 1, 2, 3…. Both: Cold! Ro: Today we are twins, that was my favorite
drink too, and we both liked it cold! Ro: Also, thank you to Starbucks for partnering
with us to make this Ro: video, and, there is another video on
Justine’s channel, so I’m gonna Ro: put a link down below, go check it out,
it’s a behind the scenes video! Ro: And if you want to watch our first Starbucks
Challenge video, I’ll put Ro: a link down there to that as well. Ro: And, also if you want to learn more about
Starbucks drinks, Ro: go check out their website, they got a
lot of cool stuff there. Justine: They do, and you guys should go and
find some different flavors and Justine: things that you might want us to
try next time! Ro: So many flavors! Ro: And, I’ll put a link down below for
their app, I love it, I’ve had it on Ro: my phone for years. If you watch my very first What’s on my iPhone, Ro: years ago, I have that little Starbucks
app on there, and it’s been on there! Ro: I like the rewards. Justine: Me too! Ro: So, I’ll put a link if you’re into
it. Justine: Birthday drinks! Ro: Free birthday drinks! Ro: Alright thanks again you guys, bye-bye!


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