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I is early morning in Amazon, nobody is here yet. Breakfast will be served soon. And I was talking to Edvin, one of tour guides here and he will take me today to see ho is Ayahuasca being cooked. He promised to show me the plants, way it is prepared and we may try it tonight. Edvin is local, Native Indian of Amazon, when he was sixteen started learning English now he is free lanser, works for tourist agencies as tour guide, you can also hire him yourself. I was toughed by his story about way of life of his tribe, which lives on about 600 km of territory. He works here as a tour guide and everything he makes, all the savings, he will spend on buying supplies so he can come back to his village and give it to the people. Sharing is a custom in his tribe. What ever someone earns, or hunts they share with others. So I have my machete and we are getting ready to to the jungle to find plants for Ayahuasca cooking. We are still moving through the jungle, looking for second ingredient, second plant necessary for Ayahuasca cooking. That wine root we saw few minutes ago they use for cleaning the organism by vomiting and diarrhea. Gets all of toxins out of your body. And this other plant we are looking for is for hallucinations. So this is this other plant, chacoruna, it is being added for hallucinations. So, real shaman cooks ayahuasca from only two plants. Some shamans put three or more and those are very strong, like drugs. Don Victor is cooking ayahuasca from only two plants. Two hours of cooking in one water, then he changes the water, cooks another two hours and at the end from about two gallons he starts with there is just a little bit left on the bottom. And here is Don Victor. How are you Don Victor? Is everything ready? Ayahuasca is ready? – Yes. Don Victor is shaman, ayahuascero, he will lead and perform this drinking ceremony… Everyone gets a bowl and toilet paper in case you get sick, which happens often. Here comes first candidate. And second candidate.


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http://in5d.com/my-experience-with-ayahuasca/  .. "The Kingdom of Plants leads to the discovery of the Kingdom Within". How to Get the Most from Your Work With Ayahuasca – by Fabian Piorkowsky..  1. Develop a deeper understanding of your self. The spiritual practice of meditation and an awareness of the ego and shadow consciousness, within your self, will help you easily navigate through the Ayahuasca healing and purging process. It is helpful to have a strong spiritual foundation. The more you have cleared out of your subconscious, the more profound teachings from the Ayahuasca plant medicine you will receive. Ayahuasca first cleanses the emotional, mental and physical levels of your being before she will be able to teach you what it is you need to learn. It can take anywhere from 3 to 20 ceremonies before some people are actually able to receive the profound visions and teachings the plant medicine can provide. However, it is the healing, the purging of the energy fields that is really more important than the teachings – although at some point; the teachings will be of tremendous value to you and your soul’s mission..   but first you must purge a large portion of the energetic blocks that do not serve you!

2. Do your research and find a reliable, experienced shaman and healing center where you will be held in a safe, sacred space to get the most from your Ayahuasca ceremony. The shamanic work, the ritual, the setting and the state of mind one is in will greatly effect the level of experience you will have. A good shaman is one who is running the ceremony and is aware and in control of what is happening within the group. A good shaman should be able to ground the group anchoring them through sacred intention and by invoking protective energy to maintain safe space. The shaman and the spirit of the ceremony work together; there is an immense intelligence within the ceremony of a really powerful shaman. In addition, a shaman indigenous to the culture where the participants come from is ideal. Understanding of cultural context and social conditioning by the shaman support YOU with your healing in the highest and best way possible. Miraculous Ayahuasca ceremonies occur in the region where the plants grow, however there are shaman’s traveling all over the world and bringing their sacred medicines from the amazon to assist humanity with their healing. If you can not travel, locate somewhere near you where a shaman is holding safe, sacred ceremonies. Please do not order Ayahuasca off of the internet and ingest the plant medicine by your self. You need the ritual of the shaman and someone who is experienced with the plant medicines to hold safe, sacred space for you and you also you need a shaman present to help you clear the blocks in your energy field that are rising to the surface to be cleared. Some of these blocks may be quite large and can be difficult to release. Ayahuasca is unpredictable in that you never know what will come up from your being to released. It is possible to have 10 blissful ceremonies, and then one very profound deep healing ceremony that will be incredibly difficult, emotional, painful and may make you feel like you are dying (the power of a shamanic death). You will need assistance to help you get through this, and you will also need the protection that the shamans and their rituals provide. It is best to drink the Ayahuasca plant medicine in a facilitated environment!

3. Choose a retreat or sacred environment where you can ingest Ayahuasca several times within a short period of time. 4-7 ceremonies within a 5-9 day period is ideal. It usually takes at least 3 ceremonies before you will receive a major breakthrough and begin the teaching/activation phase. This will all depend on how cleaned out your energetic system is. Ayahuasca cleans first, then heals and then teaches. The plant medicine was never meant to only be done one time. It is a spiritual practice. The more you ingest the plant medicine the more layers of distortion will be peeled off.

4. Prepare your Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual bodies.

* Emotionally, discover what needs to be healed and released within your being. Become aware of it, so you can set a strong intention for healing to occur. Are you needing to release childhood trauma, anger, depression, addictions, attachments etc  or perhaps you need to work on forgiveness.

* Mentally, do your research on Ayahuasca so you will have a greater understanding of what to expect and how to maneuver through the experience with ease and grace. Prepare your self to surrender. Once you ingest the plant medicine any resistance on your part is futile. Keep in mind any difficulties you may encounter are beneficial to your healing. Breathe through them and mentally tell your self, this to will pass.

*Physically, prepare your body vehicle for the deep purge that is about to occur. Follow as much of the Shamanic Dieta as you can for at least 2 weeks before you ingest the plant medicine. The shamanic dieta typically consists of no salt, no modern chemicals, no sugar, no fermented foods, no spices, no fats, no dairy, no caffeine or stimulants, no alcohol, no marijuana, no meat, no pork.. no sex.. In addition, make sure you choose a facility who follows the shamanic dieta very strictly while you are ingesting the plant medicines. The dieta is a very important part of the healing process because when you drink Ayahuasca you are actually ingesting the “Spirit of the Plant” and you do not want anything in your system that could be a contraindication to the spirit of the Ayahuasca plant. While you are ingesting the plant medicines a very strict diet of foods cooked with no salt will be served to you so you can get the most from your Ayahuasca healing experience. These diets can vary but generally speaking you will eat a diet of plantains, yucca, rice, some vegetables and fruit. 

* Spiritually, it is best to have a strong spiritual foundation. Meditation will begin the process of bringing a higher vibrational spiritual energy into your being that will begin the purification process. Meditation will also help you connect with your inner being so when you are on the plant medicine you will be able to stay aligned with your higher soul. In addition, meditation will help you become aware of your self as a multidimensional being and will also help you connect more deeply to the spiritual beings that work with you.

5. Approach Ayahuasca with INTENTION but without any expectations. Your INTENTION is incredibly important. Before you ingest Ayahuasca, I suggest you open up the lines of communication with her (she is a female spirit) through meditation a few weeks before you become “one” with her. When you ingest the plant medicine she enters into your being  you are ingesting the Spirits of Ayahuasca, as she is a multidimensional being, with lots of helpers who help her clean out your system. Talk with her and begin to form a relationship with her. I also suggest you ask her to “show you what you need to see in a way that you will accept with ease and grace.” Be open to what she reveals to you this is for your highest and best good. Also, make a list before the ceremony with all of your INTENTIONS you have for your healing and also what you would like to learn. Slip the list of intentions under your mat before the ceremony begins. After you ingest the medicine, state silently to your self and to Ayahuasca what you would like to receive during the ceremony. Your intention is an integral part of your healing and is usually exactly what you will receive and so much more..  remain open to what happens. Intention with NO expectations, and “BE IN GRATITUDE” for her unconditionally loving energy that is working directly with your higher self and providing such grace and healing for you.

6. Once your intention is set, surrender and release control. RELAX. Ayahuasca is a beautiful medicine. She will open your spirit up slowly to the experience so you will accept the healing. After about 20 minutes of ingesting the medicine you may feel a powerful surge of heat in your body as the spirit becomes one with you and surges through all levels of your being.. into the organs, the blood, all energy fields. Ayahuasca will embrace every aspect of you. She may greet you in your spiritual eye center as a large snake, say hello to her and express your gratitude for this opportunity to heal. At this point you can state your intentions again, ask her questions or simply just allow her to work with you. You may begin to purge within 20 minutes (do try to hold the medicine in for 15-20 minutes)! After 20 minutes, if you need to purge go for it! You will feel better and the visions/healing will gradually grow more intense after your first purge.  Ayahuasca works in waves, you will purge and then have 20 minutes of visions etc.. and then purge again. The visions will return, then you will have a small break where you are fully conscious and can go to the bathroom etc..  then the waves and visions return again. If you find your self in a difficult phase where old traumatic events and emotions are surfacing give gratitude and BREATHE. Remain in your heart space, surrender and know that this will pass. This is temporary and you are being healed at a very deep level. In 15 minutes, you will be in a different space as Ayahuasca cleans and heals very rapidly, and will provide you with periods of revelation, peace and a profoundly deep love.. she will also show you your magnificence, your light! While Ayahuasca is working on you, you will remain conscious.. you will know what is going on. Just remember to BREATHE through any difficult moments and remind your self that “this too will pass.”

Ayahuasca will show you your own life in a very honest way. You will learn why you behave the way you do. Ayahuasca will show you your anger, ego, prejudices, shadow consciousness, pride, pain etc. so you can receive the healing you need and release what no longer serves you. The veils over your consciousness will be removed that typically blind you from your self. This type of healing can occur through visions, through a deep level of feeling/knowingness and also through purging. Not everyone will see “visions” during their first few ceremonies, but their soul will have a greater understanding of what is happening to them even though it may not be able to be expressed through words. You do not need to fully grasp everything that is being shown to you. The plant medicine does not teach on a linear, logical level. She teaches on a multidimensional level that pierces through the conscious and subconscious minds. It will take several ceremonies to figure out her language so don’t get hung up on the “meaning of it all”..  your soul knows what is going on even though the egoic mental mind may run into confusion. Simply surrender to the healing.

7. The Ayahuasca ceremony lasts between 5-8 hours and is done in total darkness. It must be dark in order for the visions to occur! The darkness provides a movie screen for our subconscious to be projected on. You will enter into a dream state but you will be fully conscious. Most ceremonies occur either with you sitting in chairs or on mats on the floor; you will be given a bucket to purge in. Bring items with you that will help you be comfortable during your plant medicine experience. Loose comfortable clothing, socks, inflatable pillows, blankets and kleenex are all very helpful. I also suggest you bring a bottle of water to drink and SPIT out into your bucket after you drink the plant medicine to wash your mouth out. It is not wise to drink 3 hours before the ceremony or during the ceremony as the water will dilute your medicine and you will not have a deep experience. After the ceremony is over, you will be thirsty and are free to drink. You can also add a tablespoon of honey in the water to help you come back into your body after the ceremony is over and also a small snack such as unsalted nuts or a piece of fruit.

8. Understand if you are participating in several plant medicine ceremonies, after journey 2 or 3 you may run into some resistance and you may not want to drink the medicine again. The first few journeys are usually difficult because there is a lot of purging occurring and the plant medicine does not always feel good to the human ego as it can create a lot of nausea and exhaustion. The plant medicine takes your ego power away and your ego will resist, but your soul wants the healing.. your soul knows it needs the healing.

9. It is best to do Ayahuasca sitting up so the energy can travel harmoniously through the body. However, the plant medicine will take your physical strength away so you can learn about your spiritual strength. Many people become so exhausted and so vulnerable they are like a small infant, so if you need to lie down that is fine, just keep your spine straight so the energy can flow through your system with ease and grace. Because your raw physical power is taken away you will need people to assist you at certain times during the ceremony..  that is why it is so important to be in the presence of a shaman and their team of helpers in a facilitated environment.

10. Understand the Ayahuasca ceremony is not just about drinking the medicine and seeing visions. It is about healing or purging what no longer serves us and also it is a spiritual discipline. During the ceremony we learn how to surrender, focus and also confront everything we like and dislike in our life with great love, acceptance and compassion. When we drink Ayahuasca we are able to see a higher perspective and she teaches us how to be better humans..  she teaches us about our true self, our highest potential and how we can cultivate higher spiritual qualities to help us deal with different problems in our human life.

11. When the ceremonies are over and it is time for you to go home, it will be important for you to remain committed to some sort of spiritual practice such as meditation. The plant medicines will expand your consciousness; however, you will need to connect with your inner being on a daily basis to maintain this expansion after you get home. Meditation will help you tap into the inner peace of your being that has always been there, and it will also help you integrate the teachings and healings the plant medicines have provided for you.

The Ayahuasca plant medicine is multidimensional..  it heals us on many levels of our being and helps us to bring ourselves into alignment; however if we return home and go back to our old ways then the healing and awareness we received will not be integrated fully into our being. The plant medicines know we are not victims to our circumstances, and they will show us how we are responsible for all of our imbalances and dis-ease. Ayahuasca will show us what qualities need to be cultivated within our being in order to not perpetuate ignorance within our self anymore. The plant spirits will elevate our vitality and expand our consciousness so we can strengthen our connection with the divine empowering us to make the changes necessary in our life so we can lead a life filled with greater peace, connection, harmony, compassion, joy, love and understanding..

"Preparation Guide for the Personal Ayahuasca Experience"- which is really an initiation into Yourself. 

"Heal Beyond the Prison of Beliefs":

The ceremonial atmosphere is respectful, relaxed, congenial, supportive, focused and reverent. The mood is pleasant and positive, not grim or heavy. We cultivate a sense of warm fellowship, shared experience, personal inner exploration, healing, transformation, and renewal. In the beginning one may experience apprehension, anxiety or fear of the unknown, but this will pass. There really is no need for fear. You can feel absolutely protected, accepted, loved and cared for within our sacred circle. Except when engaged in song, noble silence is the precept you are asked to maintain during the entire ritual. Please enter the ceremony space quietly. We ask everyone to help maintain a sacred space by keeping talking and noise to a minimum before the ritual. Participants should wear all white or natural clothes (to show unity of oneness). If you do not have all white or off-white clothing, then light pastels are acceptable. Ideally your clothing should have no printing or any writing (to avoid distractions). The ceremony may last a long period of time and many changes in temperature are likely to be experienced. This can be resulting from actual temperature change or simply your own internal process. Please bring a blanket and warm white clothing. We will be sitting on the floor the entire time. It is ideal if you bring a sleeping bag or air mattress and a pillow to make yourself more comfortable. Also, please bring a bottle of water for you to keep by your side during the ceremony for when you need it.

"Practical Guidelines for the Ayahuasca ceremony":

* Always, at all times, set your intention for ceremony from your heart, not from your mind. Your mind is ego and will try to have expectations. Remove them because Spirit is far beyond expectations, and Spirit is far beyond wants, needs, and opinions. Expectations are just an "opinion" of what to expect. And the ego feeds off having opinions, wants, needs, and judgments. When all those factors of ego are removed, then one must face the unknown. Therefore, there  is no room for those things when entering the realms and truths of Spirit. So remove all wants, needs, expectations and judgments, and only come from your heart.

BREATHE — The power experienced during the ceremony can be very intense. If you find yourself becoming tense or fearful with the unfamiliarity of the experience, focus on your breathing, relax your muscles, and try to open yourself in trust to the experience in the moment. You may find a need to yawn during the ceremony. This is your body's call for increased oxygen and should alert you to the fact that you need to breathe more.

SURRENDER — Your experience within the ritual is totally spiritually guided. You are safe and protected. Let go and allow yourself to be carried by the divine. You may experience things you do not understand. Do not try to fit them into your existing mental construct. Just let them be and don't judge them. Quiet your thoughts and maintain an open, relaxed attitude. Trust that whatever you are going through is happening to support your healing and transformation.

Positive Thoughts — During the ceremony you may find that negative thoughts surface. Negative energy can sink you like a rock. Keep your mind open and alert, stay in the energy of the current of the circle and remember to breathe. Focus on the vibration of Love/Light/God that is always present.

Engage in the Process — Ayahuasca is an inner path of transformation, not only transcendence. In other words, we encourage people to confront, process and transform the challenging energies that might come up during a work. Transcendence might occur, but not through avoidance of the energies and issues that are present in our selves. The work is a time of truth, and if the truth is that your personal issues are blocking you from your connection to the Divine, it is now a time to acknowledge these blocks in humility, allowing the energy to pass through you and surrender everything to the Divine.

Align — Try to be in your center and keep your spine in good anatomical alignment. This helps to allow the energy to flow fully and freely. Also, it is always helpful to face the center table and align yourself with it.
Ground – Feel your seat on the ground (or feet if you are standing) and let the earth support you. Feel yourself in your body. Breathe all the way into the earth; relax your neck, your shoulders, and your belly. Let all stress and tension subside.

Meditate — Ask for guidance, clarification and help when you want it. Release your troubles to the light or to the earth. Then, open yourself to receive what you have meditated. Trust deeply that your intentions will be addressed in the most magical of ways.

The Power of Music and Song — The songs that we use in the ceremony provide immense support for transformation and realization and a direct link to the Divine. Participating in the music allows us to be more present and to breathe more fully and continuously. There are many levels to the songs. Rhythm, melody, words and the "energy" which is at their source. They also serve as a force of harmony in the works. If we are all focusing on the singing together, in harmony, we surrender our individual egos and create a unity that is not equaled through any other group activity. The words, i.e., the "meanings" of the hymns are important, but more important is the connection that the songs afford. Often if one meets a given song in his or her heart without reading the words, the medicine will provide a teaching that that song has for that person which might only be peripherally related to the actual words of the song. After breathing, concentrating on and participating in the music is the next most important thing a participant in the ceremony can do.

Symbology — The songs often refer to specific representations or aspects of Divine Consciousness through names. These names come from a variety of traditions, such as traditional Shamanism, traditional African religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Sufism, and more. Using these representations are a helpful way to navigate the power of Divine Consciousness, invoking particular aspects or energies, and helping to us to remember and be rooted in particular qualities. A new person to this type of ritual may have certain associations with these names from past experiences, negative or positive, that could serve to block one's connection to the Divine. New people are invited to let go of their old associations with these names and to simply be open to the Direct experience as it is in the moment. After all, one major purpose of the work is to enable each individual participant to connect with his or her own Divine guides, regardless of what names of traditions the person may associate them with.

"Spiritual realization is the core element in the Ayahuasca experience. Ayahuasca is a medicine. Holistic purification and cleansing of body, mind, and SPIRIT !! In ceremony, Ayahuasca can initiate a lifelong process of rebirth and transformation. To be successful, this process requires long-term personal commitment, integrity, compassion, and courage. It is not an easy path, but it can be highly beneficial for those who undertake it with sincerity, determination, and an open heart."-O. Blanco

Other Considerations — During the process, you may possibly experience dizziness, nausea, or other physical upset including purging and diarrhea. If you need to purge, use the bucket provided. Allow this to happen with gratitude for the healing you are receiving. Try to drop any identification with shame. And at the same time, please try to maintain a level of awareness and responsibility during the process of purging so that whatever you release goes directly into the bucket, garbage can or toilet, and that you clean yourself properly afterwards.

Remember that whatever you are going through, no matter how challenging, always have faith that you are receiving a deep healing, and you will ultimately be better off. Sometimes people who are new to this process may become identified with the idea that the challenging feeling they are experiencing will never go away, that they will feel like that “forever.” Please, be certain in yourself, absolutely 100%, that whatever feelings come up in the ceremony will pass. When the ceremony is over, you will come back to your normal state.

The most important rule is that anyone who starts the ritual by partaking of the Ayahuasca agrees to stay until the conclusion of the ritual. There can be no exceptions to this policy. It can be very disruptive to everyone involved if anyone leaves the ceremony before its conclusion. Please stay in the space of the Circle until the ritual is complete.
During the ritual, if you believe you would like to address a practical issue you should quietly address the facilitator of the ceremony. The second important precept you should commit to is to absolutely touch no one during the entire ceremony. The facilitator of the Circle may use voice/touch where is appropriate for healing, reassurance, guidance, or matters of coordination during the ceremony. Our attention at all times should be on our inner work and inner focus. Small talk and light conversation trivialize the experience and will lessen its effects both for your self and others. This ceremony is deeply personal. Resist the temptation to look around and become involved in what other people are doing. Keep in mind that everything that happens in an Ayahuasca ceremony influences everyone else present in some way. Talking, excessive movement, light/sound from electronic devices, and other sounds may be extremely distracting to others present and greatly interfere in their personal work. The best way to assure that everyone has equal space is to tune in to the breath and the music and remain as quiet and still as possible throughout the ceremony.

It is very helpful to prepare yourself on the physical, mental and emotional levels in order to be more open and available to the healing process. This can make a huge difference in allowing you to feel as comfortable and harmonious as possible during the ceremony. How you prepare for the ceremony, your intention and commitment to that intention, sets the tone for your experience in the ceremony itself.

"Diet and do's and don'ts leading up to ceremony"

You should get sufficient sleep, eat lightly, avoid salty, pickled, and fermented foods, abstain from alcohol, sex, and natural or man made medicines for about one week before the process. It is ideal to also cut down on your consumption of media such as television, news and internet, as well as idle chit-chat.
You should stay with natural foods as much as possible, avoiding anything artificial. There are a number of foods which are strongly recommended you avoid for about a week before the ceremony, especially if you are relatively new. You should avoid the following foods: cheese (especially aged cheese), dairy products (especially in large amounts), all alcohol, pickled foods, fermented foods, smoked foods, canned foods, snails, chicken livers, yeast, over-ripe bananas, over-ripe avocados, dried fruits such as figs, dates, raisins, citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime…) in large quantities, sauerkraut, fermented tofu or bean curd, fava beans, miso, coffee, chocolate, and soy sauce.
You should eliminate meat, especially red meat and pork, and any other foods that are difficult to digest including (but not limited to) bread and pasta or highly processed foods. It is also recommended to avoid sugar (particularly artificial sweeteners), caffeine, and spices, especially in large quantities. Recommended foods pre- and post-ceremony are almost anything that falls into a light vegetarian diet (except for the above listed foods), including fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, tempeh or seitan, fish or poultry if you must eat meat, rice, quinoa, whole grains, seeds, nuts (peanuts only in small quantities) and vegetarian soups (especially good as a light lunch the day of the ceremony).

In a nutshell, you must avoid any type of mind/body substances that would cause strong stimulation of senses and thinking, or cause deep digestive or thinking process. Instead, the emphasis must be placed on lightness of existence, your intentions, spiritual practices, and awareness of your perceptions and reactions. Homemade vegetable (& fish) soups and stews are an excellent choice.
The day of the ceremony, try to nourish the relaxation space by taking it easy and avoiding stressful situations if possible, especially in relation to work and finance. Allow yourself to be silent and meditative. Use whatever techniques can support you in this, such as meditating, yoga, tai chi, exercising, breath techniques, dancing, walking, being in nature, bathing, praying…whatever grounds and relaxes you. In either case, having limited food material in your digestive system will give the medicine space to work more directly, as well as help to avoid the influence of food-based energies so you are more directly influenced by the medicine. But don't enter the ceremony hungry. Last meal should be no less than 7 hours before ceremony. A light homemade vegetable soup is ideal.
Also, you should be very well hydrated prior to the ceremony, so drink 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day for several days prior to ceremony. Make sure you give yourself enough time for your trip to the ceremony location so you arrive for the ceremony relaxed and with time to spare. It is also recommended to avoid taking most supplements less than 7 hours before the ceremony, including vitamins and noni. The day of the ceremony, it is recommended that you completely avoid protein supplements, ginseng, kava, ephedra, and sinicuichi. At all costs, totally avoid prescription drugs at least one week before ceremony. All medicated prescription drugs are synthesized with synthetic compounds and very toxic to the natural body.

"After the Circle"
• Drink water and if you like, eat some fruit and/or light food. It is best if you empty the water bottle you had with you in the ceremony, as the old water will likely be holding physical and energetic toxins released during the ceremony.
• Brush your teeth.
• Change clothes.
• Relax, take it slow, and if possible, maintain the meditation space so as not to trivialize your experience as well as to allow your personal integration process to occur.
• Only drive if you feel that the effects of the medicine have completely worn off and you feel you have enough energy to complete your trip. If you feel tired, sleep at least 2-3 hours before getting behind the wheel of a car. You will be able to do that at place of ceremony.
• Take a shower before going to sleep.
• Also be sure to wash your ceremony clothes before you wear them again.
You may choose to keep some of your experience to yourself in order to preserve its sacredness and personal meaning. If you find it useful to share your experience with others, that is fine, but please do not speak about anyone else but yourself. Also remember that anything that comes from you is reflective of the true attitudes you have formed towards yourself and your sacred journey, remember to choose love and full acceptance. Many people find that the process that begins in the ceremony may continue in earnest for several days afterwards, though certainly on a much more subtle level. Remember that you are in a sacred space for that time, and if you can, leave some space in your schedule to relax and be alone. You can use this time to affirm and integrate what you have received.

"Back to our roots"
Even with an understanding of the science of DMT and the 2 plants, it should be understood that the physical understanding of the medicine does not come close to accurately describing the actual complex interaction of spiritual forces that guide the healing process encountered by those who work with the medicine in a ritualized setting. It is as if the material components of the medicine are merely reflecting the spiritual forces which are embodied in it. This must be experienced to be really understood.

One important thing to realize about this medicine, as opposed to virtually every other well-known state-altering substance, is that Ayahuasca has been scientifically proven to be 100% non-toxic. The medicine has no negative effect on the body. In fact, the opposite is true, it offers deep cleansing on the cellular level of all the bodies, organs and systems. The only concerns one should have are in regard to adverse reactions caused by improper diet, ingestion of synthetic chemicals in certain medicines, or serious pre-existing health conditions, especially heart or blood pressure problems, serious liver problems, asthma, or epilepsy. If you are taking any sort of synthetic prescription medication, please discuss this with the ceremony organizers well in advance of the ceremony.

"The only Real Journey is the inner journey"

Mother Ayahuasca is essentially the Spirit of Mother Earth manifested into a plant to help us. Ayahuasca, also known as the "Vine of the Soul", is a sacred medicinal power plant which grows in the Amazon rainforest and is a natural psychotropic. The Quechua term of this drink "Ayahuasca" refers to the freeing of the spirit or the essence of the soul. To take Ayahuasca is to be purged and purified. It cleanses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. It reaches deep inside and removes the layers of debris relating to our age-old fears and illusions which obscure the soul. It's an ego-killer and removes all negative matter within associated with dark energies. Ayahuasca also assists to access and reconnect with ancient knowledge and wisdom imprinted in our very own DNA, psychic powers and to journey into the past, present and future. Including other realms, dimensions and parallel universes. Ayahuasca also allows us to see, communicate, but most importantly FEEL the multi-dimensional cosmic inner beauty and complexity of nature of our beautiful mother earth and all creation.

The Master Plant has a Spirit, and in the eye of a shaman it is a powerful Doctor, Surgeon and Medicine. Through the use of this Master Teacher one can access the unknown, intangable worlds inhabited by other beings, induce dream states and vision- and liberation of all matter.

Living in a culture paranoid of the use of mind-altering substances, associated what we call "drugs" in the western world, natural power plants and medicines are sometimes dismissed as a dangerous and superficial form of spirituality. The contrary is true – the work involved with both Master Teachers facilitates an accelerated awakening of our multi-dimensional Self and our interconnection. It allows seeing beyond “the illusion” of that what we perceive to be reality through a deeper connection with Pachamama/Mother Earth and the Higher Realms and by channeling profound insights, messages and visions for a better understanding of the TRUTH AND MAGIC OF LIFE AND ONESELF. Shamanic traditions have used Ayahuasca and other sacred medicinal plants to invoke profound mystical experiences, changes in consciousness and as a means of a cure for millennia. Their telepathic powers are connected to supernatural forces residing in their tissues, and they were divine gifts to the earliest Indians on Earth. Ceremonies with those Master Teachers are truly a magical gift of the Gods!

Spirituality is at the core of the Ayahuasca experience. Purification of mind, body and soul in a healing ceremony can catalyse a profound process of spiritual awakening and development. This process of growth and spiritual evolution can continue indefinitely even if Ayahuasca is not taken again. The Ayahuasca experience is highly individual and unique to each person as it enables a direct connection with the deepest parts of the sub-conscious, facilitating a deep connection with our true, inner and higher self.

Ayahuasca provides a window into our soul and shows us who we really are and who we can become. We strongly believe that the benefits to be gained from learning about Ayahuasca are immeasurable, both on a personal and planetary level.

There is no plant healer on the planet quite as revered, as powerful, and as respected as Ayahuasca. And now the Western world is finally beginning to acknowledge this plant phenomenon, with an ever increasing number of people, academics, scientists, neurologists, philosophers and mystics heading to South America to experience Ayahuasca for themselves.

The medicine Ayahuasca – often referred to as ‘The Queen of the forest’ and considered to be the most powerful of the teacher plants – is traditionally consumed in a ceremonial context under the guidance of a Shaman or Ayahuasquero (a maestro trained in the use of the vine). It is imperative to have an experienced Shaman/Ayahuasquero present to conduct the ceremony, someone who has a deep understanding of the forces at work and how to keep the energies in balance. 

Ayahuasca is a strong purgative (allows profound cleansing through vomiting and diarrhea), an antibiotic (kills microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses), an analgesic (painkiller), disinfectant, and cicatrizant (speeds healing of wounds).

For some people the heaviness that is felt in their life is the weight of old emotional baggage. Ayahuasca can assist in bringing such memories to the surface to be confronted and released through purging. The purging aspect of the Ayahuasca experience is hugely beneficial as it also allows for  impurities to be released that sap the body’s energy. This deep cleansing system is a natural detoxification which restores physical vitality and harmony. It is in this clearing process that we create new space for higher energy, clarity, creativity and vibrancy to enter into our life.

Ayahuasca, the Master Teacher:

Ayahuasca is revered by the indigenous people of South America as a sacred medicine and a master-teacher, capable of transporting the drinker to other dimensions of space and time, where past, present and future are all equally accessible, both one's own life path and those of others.

Everyone’s journey with Ayahuasca is totally unique and individual. The plant-teacher guides us to the deepest parts of our subconscious where, with our conscious self, we are able to confront, understand and release deep-rooted emotional baggage and behavioral patterns that are holding us back in our lives and preventing us from being our authentic selves. Diseases, behavioral patterns and egoistic tendencies can be analysed to determine their nature and origin.

It is not uncommon to experience a regression back to the situation or source of a problem or trauma. To relive the experience is to gain new understanding and insights enabling resolution or closure. Dream-like scenes where personal messages from spirits are received cause ceremony participants to re-evaluate their life course with a deeper understanding of why they are here, and what it is they need to do to fulfill their purpose.

Drinkers of Ayahuasca often report significant changes in the way they see life and how they feel about themselves, and in many cases they experience a growing sense of purpose and direction, inner strength and power.

Not everyone comes to this medicine with the same needs. The magic of Ayahuasca rests in its ability to find, focus, diagnose, heal and transcend one’s personal limitations, conditioning, negative thoughts and fears. It takes us to a pure fundamental part within each of us that instinctively knows the answer, that wants us to achieve what we really desire in life and to be true to ourselves. It teaches us how to trust this new inner voice and achieve a more fulfilling life.

Fundamental to the work of the Shaman is the knowledge that Nature is alive; that the plant kingdom is conscious and has intelligence; that plants have spirits who can help to heal mankind; that an answer to any illness can be found in Nature. During an Ayahuasca experience it is possible for one to see and communicate with these spirits. For example, one can speak with plant spirits to learn their medicinal properties and how to collect and prepare them for use in healing.

Ayahuasca allows for the integration of the Self with the Higher-Self. From this integration emerges the True Self. The fully active brain strips away the fear-based, ego-mind issues that plague the human condition. The light of our higher consciousness renders the mask of our ‘pretend’ self irrelevant. It ceases to be of importance to impress others by being right or better than someone, or to be ashamed of who we are. A light, joyous and playful sense encompasses our being and we become resolved in our humanity and our divinity. We stop thinking and start knowing.


In this grand time of human awakening, whenever more people seek higher guidance and truer direction in their lives, the sacred medicines at long last take their place among the path that lead to the remembrance of one’s true self. Ayahuasca provides the most direct and immediate pathways to self-inquiry, and one only has to grab the opportunity that it provides for unrestrained personal and spiritual growth!

It is one of the most confrontational ways of healing one’s inner self, and in participation one is moved beyond the muddled and noisy mind, into the intuitive heart center, whence resides peace and unbounded love. And as with the microcosm of a single human soul so the macrocosm of humanity for it is here that humanity now finds itself, at the cross roads, seeking the remembrance of its own true nature.

Mother Ayahuasca will without any reservations or pretence show you your most deeply buried aspects of ourselves. Dredge them up for a re-examination and re-integration. For this is the only way to spiritual growth. No part of the shadow self shall be left behind, swept under the carpet or be left unforgiven.

It will present to you your worst, most negative aspects and show you how to heal yourself. It will tell you no lies and you will be shown with absolute clarity your impact upon others. What you need to adjust and what you need to let go of. Mother Ayahuasca in all her wisdom exposes your most immediate issues and grants you a higher perspective on them, one that cannot be attained by the everyday rational mind.

She shows you your pains and your fears, so that you might climb the ladder of evolution ever higher by re-learning unconditional love. The remembering of your true essence, and indeed, the essence of All that Is. Make no mistake about it, this is not a weekend excursion to the park, this is serious work on the self, that requires utmost dedication and disciplined preparation. Skirting issues such as proper diet prior and subsequently to the workshop serves only to lesson the effect and the purpose of the whole exercise.

Our mainstream society provides so many unhealthy temptations that go against our wellbeing, that one is definitely challenged to find that which benefits one most. I found this one of the keys to proper preparation and subsequently true to form, found myself requiring much less food than normal during the workshops. This is the physical proof that the spiritual work at the workshops has almost immediate real world results.

Every soul has its own individual journey and story. It is thus up to each and every person to decide how they will get from point A to point B. In the end all journeys are just as important and just as beautiful. Thus I heartily recommend these workshops to all, because all are ultimately on a journey of self exploration. The company of shamans that shall accompany you is one of warmth and love. Their beautiful songs carry you peacefully and providently through your darkest hours, your most exhilarating visions and your most profound lessons.
But this I say without exaggeration, the group of wonderful people undertaking the same journey as you, besides Mother Ayahuasca of course, they will be your greatest teachers while you are there. And if you have never truly felt connected on a soul level to another person, yeah, expect that to become the whole group. As you are shown the illusion of separation and the truth of universal love.

If I could sum up this wonderful journey with the sacred medicines of Peru, I would sum it up so…: Those who have not experienced direct knowing, who have not been enveloped by direct spiritual experience, they know nothing.
This is your chance to know the infinity that dwells beyond the mind. To remember who you truly are!

Those who undergo the ayahuasca experience report having profound spiritual revelations regarding their purpose on earth, the true nature of the universe as well as deep insight as how to be the best person they possibly can. It is nearly always said that people experience profound positive changes in their life subsequent to consuming ayahuasca. In addition, it is often reported that individuals experience what gaining access to so called “higher spiritual dimensions” and making contact with various autonomous entities who serve to act as guides or healers.

Ayahuasca focuses and aligns the patient with the archaic essence of spirituality. It ‘resets’ our biological clock according to universal time and harmonizes our natural brain chemistry. The corresponding shift in our personal values, priorities, and self-image produces a lasting rebirth, a transformative “new beginning”. This quality is the most important and life-changing gift of the Goddess, and the one most desired by many seekers. Persons experiencing Ayahuasca ceremonies typically achieve substantial mental, psychological, and spiritual progress, comparable to that accomplished through intensive long-term psychotherapy, and often in a remarkably short time.
Studies investigating Ayahuasca's history and use often fail to explain the remarkably transformative processes it initiates. Ayahuasca’s various effects progress through cathartic, abreactive and spiritual stages. Experience of universal time is an important element in this process. Each experience carries one beyond the previous ones, with revelations according to the character, quality, and depth of previous experiences and the travelers’ level of consciousness.

After drinking Ayahuasca, the first effect one notices is a distinctive shift in sensory modality. Tactile and auditory sensitivity increases and mental processes and emotions become more profound. At this point, the journey may move into many dimensions. Soul flight, causes a sense of floating and discorporation as one enters other dimensions of hyperspace.
Ayahuasca cannot be qualified by consistency of its effects. The psycho-spiritual centers of consciousness activated by Ayahuasca cannot be programmed, though the journey can be guided and influenced by competent shamans/ facilitators. The pharmacological properties of the psychoactive compound in interaction with the biological antecedents are not enough to define the influence on the psyche. The brew always interacts with the psycho-emotional and spiritual set of each individual and the construct of the setting in which it is taken.

Here I will describe and categorize each subjective effect that the Ayahuasca experience has to offer in as much detail as I possibly can.

Physical effects:
The body high of ayahuasca can be described as a pleasurable, warm, soft and all encompassing glow. For some it is manifested spontaneously at different unpredictable points throughout the experience, but for others it maintains a consistent presence that steadily rises with the onset and hits its limit once the peak has been reached.

Cognitive effects:
The head space of ayahuasca is described by many as extremely sober and clear headed in its style when compared to other commonly used psychedelics such as LSD or Psilocybin. It contains a large number of psychedelic typical and unique cognitive effects.

The most prominent of these typical effects include,
•Acceleration of thought
•Enhancement of current mind state
•Removal of cultural filters
•Feelings of fascination and awe
•Conceptual thinking
•Vocabulary suppression
•Ego suppression, Ego loss, and ego death
•Time distortion

Along side of the typical cognitive effects listed above, ayahuasca induces certain states which are seemingly rare or spontaneous within all other psychedelics in a consistent, reproducible and in an extremely powerful way.
These commonly reported unique cognitive effects include,
•Powerful and consistent mindfulness – The term “mindfulness" is used within psychological literature to refer to states which are achieved through the act of practicing meditation. This feeling is characterized by a sense of focus on the present moment with a stillness and clarity of mind. Induced mindfulness can occur within any psychedelic but is unique within ayahuasca due to how consistently it is manifested and the way in which it can sustain itself for days, weeks or even months after a single high dose experience.

This is an extremely beneficial and therapeutic effect for personal psychological health. In contrast, other more commonly used psychedelics such as LSD and Psilocybin tend to induce this effect in a merely spontaneous and temporary form.

•Consistently induced states of unity and inter-connectedness – This effect is unique within ayahuasca due to how consistently it is manifested as an accompanying effect along side of ego death and occasionally, ego suppression. In contrast, other more commonly used psychedelics such as LSD and Psilocybin tend to induce this effect rarely at best.

•Consistent communication with the subconscious – It can be briefly described as a literal communication with an internal voice within which claims to be the subconscious. At lower levels this is performed by the subconscious conversing with you through your own thought stream. At higher dosages however it becomes a fully audible voice which is capable of coherent conversation on the same level as the ego, and arguably self aware in its own right.
•Sustained dream potentiation – Regular or occasional ayahuasca usage commonly results in extremely vivid, lucid and easy to recollect dreams in the days and weeks after the experience.
It’s worth noting that the overall cognitive positivity or negativity of an ayahuasca experience in psychologically balanced individuals depends greatly on how nauseating or purgative the chosen method of preparation is. For example, paranoia, anxiety, delirium and a difficulty stringing thoughts together often immediately manifest themselves during uncomfortable states of nausea for the inexperienced, but remain absent when the user has been accustomed to the purge itself.

Visual effects: Enhancements,

Ayahuasca presents a complete array of possible visual enhancements which generally includes,
•Increased visual acuity
•Enhancement of colours
•Enhanced pattern recognition
•Visual drifting (melting, breathing, warping and flowing) – In comparison to other Entheogens or psychedelics this effect can be described as highly detailed, slow and smooth in motion and static in their appearance.
•After images
•Texture repetition
•Colour shifting
•Scenery slicing
The visual geometry that is present throughout this experience can be comprehensively described as structured in their organization, organic in geometric style, intricate in complexity, large in size, fast and smooth in motion, colourful in scheme, glossy in colour, equal in blurred and sharp edges and equal in rounded and angular corners. At higher dosages they are significantly more likely to result in states of level 7B visual geometry over level 7A.
In terms of their manifestation they are progressive in nature and continuously self complexify in settings with little or no visual input and disturbances. For example, darkness will cause the geometry to progressively intensify but this can immediately be reset back down to base level by simply turning on a bright light or actively performing a physical task which requires any level of concentration.

Visionary states,
Ayahuasca and other forms of DMT produce a full range of high level states in a fashion that is more consistent and reproducible than that of any other commonly used "Entheogen" or psychedelic.

These effects include,
•Visualizations – this particular effect commonly contains inner visualizations with scenarios, settings, concepts and autonomous entity contact. They are more common within dark environments and can be described as internal in their manifestation, lucid in believability, interactive in style and almost exclusively religious, spiritual, mystical or transcendental nature in their overall theme.
Auditory effects:

The auditory effects of ayahuasca are extremely consistent and exhibit a full range of effects which commonly includes,
•Auditory enhancements
•Auditory distortions
•Auditory visualizations
Health effects, potential addiction and tolerance:

Research has been made showing the relative physical safety of DMT. Ayahuasca, has been studied by multidisciplinary groups in Brazil and other countries and was shown that in reasonable doses in a careful context, it presents no negative cognitive/psychiatric/physical consequences.
In terms of mental health the very same study showed that users presented elevated levels of happiness and health. Ayahuasca is not physically addictive, and many users experience a frequency self-regulating quality to the drug. This is despite the fact that the substance holds no real tolerance and can be used on a daily basis if it is desired.

"We are the ones we have been waiting for"

"Ayahuasca is not a shortcut, it's a path which takes you straight to The Destination of your inner worlds and outer worlds. There is no better truth vehicle. I don't feel there's enough time for psychoanalysis and breaking the doors of perception with mind alone, that time window has come and gone, unless one is already preconditioned to do so. But as for the sacred plant medicines they work for those that think they don't work, if the dosage and setting are right there are truly no limits. There are many philosophers and mystical teachers who have openly admitted to using these sacred plant medicines, these plant medicines contain spirits within them, a teaching spirit, I've never heard of anyone accessing these particular spirits without the plants. One may reach a state of nirvana and hallucination with meditation, but for those who have done the sacred plants, know that what some meditator calls nirvana or satori, is only the starting point for us!" 

"Spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with what you believe in, and has everything to do with your state of consciousness."

"You are not just a meaningless fragment in an alien universe, briefly suspended between life & death, allowed a few short-lived pleasures followed by pain & ultimate annihilation. Underneath your outer form, you are connected with something so vast, so beautiful, so immeasurable, and so sacred, that it cannot be spoken of – yet I am speaking of IT now. I am speaking of IT now not to give you something to believe in but to show you how you can know IT for yourself."~ Mother Ayahuasca


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