SobeWFF: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

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– Hi, nice to meet you,
what’s up? I’m Thai. – You’re Thai?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I swear your parents were Viet though? – Nah, I’m Thai. Did you walk by us at the — – Yeah, I totally did — – When we were sitting
at the, that was you! – Yeah, I know, I looked crazy. – Look at this (beep) right now dude. No matter where we go, everybody gives a fuck about Tim, dude. – Sometimes, the sexy people
just need to shake hands with other sexy people. You Know? I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We travel around to
different food festivals, where we eat all the eats. – We drinks all the drinks. – And we get all types of
crazy while giving you guys the most raw and realest
food reviews in the game. This is “Send Foodz.” – What’s up y’all? I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – Welcome back to another episode of “Send Foodz” on Thrillist We are in sexy, steamy,
moist-ass Miami out here! – Talking about South Beach! – South Beach bringing the
heat! We at the SoBe, that means South Beach, WFF — Wine and Food Festival out here; and let me tell
you something about Miami: There’s some nice booties out here. – I’m talking about fresh steam buns. – This is not what I would expect out of a Wine festival, you know what I’m sayin’? – This is what I’m talking about, man. Usually when I think about wine, I’m talking about a bunch of hipsters that don’t know what the
(beep) they’re talking about. – So, let’s look at some booties, let’s look at some food and let’s eat all the booties and all the food. Hello there, what do we have here? – Hello, sir. – Oh, OK. Man, the way you said
that was so sexy bro. Say, say that again! – My pants fell off real
quick dude, that was wild. Yo, we got butter and sage,
an ultimate flavor combination with any type of pasta,
delicious as hell. Cheers. – Mmm-hmm. – Is that pumpkin? – Mmm-hmm, that’s what I said! – Did you? – I didn’t hear that, I just had a boner. – Stuffed with pumpkin and butter and sage. – I just got a boner bro, that’s it. – That sweetness of the
pumpkin, oh, and the saltiness of the butter. – The (beep) pasta is al dente,
you want a little chew to it, thank you my sexy
man right there, huh? – Do we just, do we eat this leaf? – Let me get your number later. You got sage, bro. – Oh, OK. – Yeah, you going at it, huh? – Oh, that was a little too much. Hey, word of advice, don’t
eat the whole leaf at once. – Sage is kinda weird when
you eat it straight up raw, it like, stings your
tongue. It coats your mouth a little bit. – You don’t say-ge. – We’re getting this show canceled. – All right, chef, what do we have here? – OK! – Did you say uni? – No, coulis. – Coulis, I thought uni! I thought you got me bro. I was like, he saw our asian eyes, he was like, “I got uni.” – You know, I see what you did there, he said, “I’m gonna make
something that looks like me.” – Yo, cheers, cheers. – Cheers, enjoy. – Cheers! – I (beep) love arancini, baby. – Let’s get it. – Oh, yep, you see that. – Look at that. – Oh my God, Wow. – No, on purpose! – You don’t even know. – It’s his fault, he told
us to come eat his balls! – Yo, real talk, if you’ve
never had an arancini ball it’s delicious, dude. So, you got that creaminess
from that risotto, and risotto rice is so
interesting because it has such a high starch content,
it creates this, like, creaminess. It’s so (beep) good. – You know, it’s like a
bougie, fancy mozzarella stick, – There you go. – But way better. – You know, everybody has like their
version of like risotto, like asian people, we got
our porridge and (beep). – Yep. – But this right here, is not
your regular porridge, son. There is cheese in there. We
got that crispiness from that breading. – That jalapeño. – The heat got me. Fire. – All right, what this is? – Oh, (beep)!
– What? – See, I was about to say,
“This man is trying to play us.” Gave us a noodle and some cheese, but it’s a special noodle. We about to try this noodle, this pasta, made out of tomato soup. You ready for this? – Buffalo mozzarella
on top, some olive oil, some other vinaigrette, I
believe, is what he mentioned. This fool gave us (beep) South
American worm, look at this! Interesting. – Interesting. So he made, a fake pasta, he’s an impasta. Everything’s got cheese on
it, I’m trying to avoid dairy because it makes me break
out, but there’s no use. – All this Italian food, no Italian food without any form of dairy doesn’t exist, my friend. – And they got that
fresh ricotta on there! – That’s what I’m saying,
ricotta, my friend. We got some Kobe beef meatballs, man. And you know with Kobe
beef, we talkin’ about high fat content, which means delicious! – We talkin’ about the
greatest meat of all time, Kobe! – Oh, oh. – I gotta say man, that is one of the better
meatballs I’ve had. – And David’s had a lot
of balls in his mouth, let me tell you – A lot! How else do you
think we got this show sold? I had a lot of Italian food
with the (beep) producers. – Yeah, you nasty. – Yeah, stupid. – Yeah, Kobe meatball is good ’cause like, you can taste that little bit of fat in there too, that binds it all together, and its like… – You know how you can tell
you have a good meatball? Is when they don’t use too much liquid, or they don’t (beep) up on all the binders, it stays together but
it’s still tender as (beep). – Balls! – Thank you! – Lumache is a pasta? – Ah, OK. Thank you. Learn something new. What’s in here? – We got some clam, and
we have a tarragon pesto. – Ah, I started already. I’m not getting any clam! – Right there is the clam. – I didn’t get any clam. – Crispy breadcrumbs on top. Very nice, textural crunch. I will say though, it’s a little salty to me. – So salty. – And he did dicked me
over with the clam, bro! What do we have here? Thank you so much. So, she was saying it’s
South Philly style because the grandmas take any kind of meat and put it in the ragu sauce. – OK! – I (beep) with that.
– I (beep) with that heavy, man. – I’m a big leftovers dude, I take any leftovers
throw it in the microwave, throw in the tortilla,
and that’s my breakfast. – Trash. You know what the
difference is between, like grits and polenta? – What?
– I don’t know. – Me either, it tastes the exact same. I thought you were about
to educate me right now. – That is some, cheesy, delicious grits, with some ragu sauce. Oh yeah. – It’s nice, the broccoli rabe’s bitter, it’s nice and bitter. You know, it balances everything out. – I’m so sorry! – I’m getting there. Cheers. Grits. What do we have here? – Lit! Now you know this (beep) is good, if he got on sunglasses at night. That mean’s you confident
in this right now. – Right, you tell me man, you try it. – I’m let you know right now. – One bite, you try. One bite, one bite. – One bite, let’s get it. – Tell me the truth. – That’s delicious. – Right? – That’s the truth! – Banging, huh? – What– – What’s that crunchy bit I got there? – The fried caper. – Oh that’s what’s up. That’s nice. – Oh, you know, that’s so good. – Nice little saltiness on
top it up, that sweetness. What else you put in there? – Don’t worry about it,
that’s a secret, man. – OK. – I was like,
– My secret – I was like, that sweetness
of the, what the (beep) is that? Thank you! – Thank you so much! – Well that was great! I needed something, light, and refreshing to (beep) like, to, to calm my tummy down
after all that pasta, you know? – Dude, that fried caper. Unreal. That’s so good. – I’m full. – You telling me. – Let’s eat. Please, tell us what this is. So what’s really fun about these drinks, is the leaves that we garnished it with, they’re called buzz button leaves, so you want to chew them, swallow them, and they’re gonna give
you, like, an electrifying sensation. – Oh! Cheers. – Drink and chew. – Yeah! – There you go. – You’ll start to feel it a little bit and after a minute, you’re
really gonna get that intensity. I have the buzz button flowers
if you want to try those. It’s like those leaves times 10. – Yeah, yeah. The leaves times 10. – I don’t know what you talking
about, I don’t feel (beep) — oh, there it is! – I don’t feel anything. Interesting, it’s like a little bit of,
a little bit of novocaine on your tongue. – I told you. – Yeah, it’s getting there. – It’s coming in. – Thank you. – Just the flower, you
don’t have to eat the stem. – Are you feeding this to me? – I mean, you can. – There you go, guys. – Thank you. – I’ll take one with you. – Oh my God. – Oh hey, there it is.
– There it is. – It’s like battery acid. Thank you. – Yeah, it’s like I put
my tongue in an outlet. – It tastes, like a, like a AA battery, you know when you’re a kid and you… my mouth is watering like a mother (beep). – Yeah, I love it. – Now you gotta drink the cocktails. – Wow, that’s intense. – Enjoy. – Oh the cocktails make it, ah. – Yeah. – Let me tell you something, I’m so full, and most
importantly, I am moist. It is so moist out here. – I am soaked through every
article of clothing possible. – Everything was delicious, what was your favorite thing today? – My favorite thing was
actually the most simple dish, it was simple the pasta
with the kobe meatballs. – And you know what, my
favorite thing was the tomato soup pasta — psych! It was… It was the ravioli
stuffed with the pumpkin, because that was fire! – Hey man, that guy who made
the tomato noodle thing, very creative, yuck. – No, but props to you for being creative. – But yuck!



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