Sink of Float Coke and Diet Coke Experiment

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welcome back to kids fun science my name’s Ken today’s experiment is sink or float Diet Coke and Coke and why it’s always adult supervision is required what you’ll need for this experiment is a can of coke a diet coke and a tank full of water its affiliate tank full of water and then I got two cans of cokes we’re in America so we have 12 ounce 355 milliliters both diet and a regular coke and we put the regular coke in first and as most of you probably assumed it’s going to sink and maybe you don’t know why and then you put the dye coconut floats and then the question is why does the diet coke float and I’m gonna tell you why there are 39 grams of sugar and a can of coke for contents the Food and Drug Administration recommends that adults consume a maximum of 50 grams of added sugar per day and the World Health Organization recommends 25 grams of sugar per day half of that and why are we talking about grams Americans use teaspoons so this is an important bit of information that is key to converting grams of teaspoons every 4 grams of sugar equates to a teaspoon so with that said if you take 39 grams and divide it by 4 you’re gonna get 10 teaspoons of sugar and so in the 12 ounce cup can of coke we would have to count out 10 teaspoons which I’m doing here which would equate to how much sugar is in a 12 ounce 355 milliliters can of coke so to take a little bit farther if you do a 60 ounce can of coke it’s five times that amount which is 195 grams of sugar divided by it by four and you’ll get 50 teaspoons of sugar that’s a lot of sugar now we know why the can of coats sank I hope you enjoyed this video remember to like and subscribe thanks for watching


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very interesting

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nice video my friend

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Whoa…that's a lot of sugar! Great info and visuals =)

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